Live Body Cam Pro
NOTE: the Live Body Cam Pro app must be installed on your Android phone in order to use this action. Live Body Cam Pro is real-time audio and video body cam for use by police and other first responders to document every action with video, audio, searchable text, and breadcrumb trail. Live Body Cam Pro takes away the need to upload and document body cam footage at the end of the day. Documentation is completed in real-time as the day happens. The path each officer is seen and recorded on a GPS Map. Words spoken are recorded and converted to searchable text, and the things seen are all recorded and available for any authorized party to view in real-time, instantly. The chief of Police or other presiding authority can monitor in real-time actual happenings of each officer or deputy and hear the conversation in real-time. All data is “word” searchable and capable of being retrieved and played back any time; perfect for evidence of proving where you were at, and of what was happening at any given moment. The officer’s recorded footsteps are shown on a Google Map and synchronized with video. The breadcrumb trail of your steps and the accompanying video can be replayed to see exactly what was happening, where, and when! Love Body Cam Pro can be easily integrated into the NovoTrax Police and 911 Dispatching software. Live Body Cam will save hundred of hours of documentation, but more importantly, Live Body Cam can save lives!
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