WanderSafe Safety App
WanderSafe is the app that empowers you to travel from A to B better and safer. With interactive and dynamic location-based maps and the help of JENI, your personal safety concierge who provides relevant safety advice and alerts you if you are entering an area that could be unsafe. With WanderSafe you can explore new neighborhoods and cities or countries. The app will show you where there are reports of incidents you should avoid and tips from WanderSafe verified local “Heros”. We’re all about prevention and believe knowledge is power. The app has first response safety features including an SOS push to your three designated emergency contacts. Why WanderSafe? Get there safer. See what is happening with reports of crime or unsafe areas from JENI through trusted data sources such as law enforcement so you can walk, run and enjoy the outdoors with greater confidence. Reduce stress and the uncertainty of not knowing if an area is safe or if you might be about to encounter something unsafe around the next corner. The world is an uncertain place, especially for travelers and commuters. WanderSafe alerts you of health, geopolitical and terrorism threats AND where to enjoy and what to avoid in real-time. Want a few good karma points? Help others by becoming a verified user so you can contribute and share your street knowledge by leaving reviews when you are traveling between A and B using the UNSAFE and TIP features. WanderSafe’s design and features are created by female travel mavens and safety experts (Retired CIA Safety Expert and a team with more than 100 years and 100 countries collectively visited) With the WanderSafe application and WanderSafe Beacon or Shakti you are 87% less likely to encounter an actual assault as you are more empowered and better equipped. Using the WanderSafe application will keep you better informed of potential unsafe spots in your journey and provide you with what you need to know before you go. With WanderSafe you can alert, track, call and notify loved-ones in the event of an emergency, quicker and easier than your smartphone alone. What Makes the WanderSafe App both powerful and intelligent: APPLICATION FUNCTIONALITY • A potentially threatening situation can be both unnerving and unsettling. The WanderSafe SOS function shares critical relevant information about where you are so your loved ones can intervene, clearly, concisely, and immediately. • Easily add or delete emergency contacts • Select Passcode for added protection to prevent unwanted alert deactivation • Send distress SOS messages and emails with your real-time GPS location • Receive and send out push notifications to alert other App users in your contacts • Track your loved ones once they activate the SOS feature with dynamic updates every 60 seconds • Provide real-time safety information on unsafe areas • Allows you, the user to leave location-based tips that help empower others to wander better and safer A picture is worth a thousand words, so show us what is potentially awesome or unsafe by taking a photo and leaving a tip and collect your Karma points!
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