CheetahGram: Secure Messenger
CheetahGram is an unofficial Telegram messenger with a lot of features. You can use it for voice and video calls & instant chat, creating a group or private chat with your friends, chat voice changer, and many other interesting features. Keep your messages safe with our secure messaging platform - Instant connection to smart proxy! Schedule messages, have a secret chat, customize the profile and avatar, change themes, find friends easily, and get tips about many other features - All in one app! ⏩Main features of CheetahGram - Secure Messaging app:⏪ ✔️ Voice and Video Calls & Chats - You can make a free voice call or video chat, whatever suits better to your current needs. ✔️ Text Messages - Of course, with already mentioned video and voice messages, you are able to send text messages, with various emojis and stickers available. ✔️ Fast Messaging - CheetahGram delivers messages faster than any other app. ✔️ Secure Messaging - We keep your messages safe from hacker attacks. ✔️ Cloud Storage - Save your messages on the cloud. Find those chats easily and access them from any device! ✔️ No Limits - We have no limits on the size of your media and chats! ✔️ Group Chats/Calls - If you want to talk with more friends, or to have a conference call, you can do it easily with this feature. ✔️ Private Chat / Ghost Mode - Hide your status on the chat. Very useful solution when you want to have a secret or private chat with a specific friend. Do it with just one tap! ✔️ Friend Finder - Find your friends by simply typing the name or username in the search bar. ✔️ People Nearby - Exchange contact info with people nearby and find new friends. You can also find local group chats. And at the end, you can choose if your profile will be visible to others within this feature. ✔️ Chat Voice Changer - If you don`t feel comfortable using your own voice, during the voice calls and while sending voice messages, you can use a chat voice changer feature to change your voice and choose from various modes. ✔️ Schedule Messages - If you want to send a message later or at some specific time, just simply use this feature to schedule a message. ✔️ Profile and Avatar Maker - We allow you to customize your profile and avatar by your preferences, the way you like it! Use the internal proxy to make sure that the app will be available to you wherever you are around the world. ➡️➡️➡️ Download our secure messaging app and use all the above-mentioned features, and even more - All in one app! Make a free voice and video chat or call use chat voice changer, find new friends or local group chats, send text messages - Have a private, secret chat with friends! Get ready for an advanced messaging experience!
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