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C-Buddy is a smart companion app created exclusively for the owners of Citroën cars. The app main purpose is to provide such important functions as calling to recent or favorite contacts, joining conference calls, starting navigation to regular or scheduled places accessible from the C-Buddy app in just one tap. C-Buddy possesses Android Auto mirroring function and allow users change their driving experience by bringing timely notifications to the car IVI about the start of the conference call, next possible destination and time when user should depart in order not to be late to a scheduled meeting. The actionable notifications on Android Auto allow the driver to participate in a conference calls using car speakers and built-in microphone as hands-free device and navigate to the next destination by just tapping on the notification The app has a voice control via customizable Google Assistant shortcuts also available in the car to minimize distraction from driving and to make the driving experience even better. C-Buddy provides user a manageable collection of all visited places, helps you to keep personal or other important addresses and navigate there later at just one tap of a finger.
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