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Whether you’re investing for your first home, funding your dream retirement or somewhere in between, take control of your financial future with the award-winning Nutmeg app. Download it today and join over 200,000 people investing towards their future goals. When investing with Nutmeg, your portfolio is managed by our team of experts at your chosen risk level. Using our app, you can keep track of your investment pot’s performance, stay up to date with market insights and easily adjust your contributions. We offer a range of award-winning investment products and styles, including socially responsible options, so you flexibly invest in a way that suits you. Setting up an account is straightforward – just tell us about your attitude towards risk, how much you want to invest and any specific goals you have. Why Nutmeg? Straightforward - Open an account and start a new ISA or pension in minutes, or transfer an existing ISA or pension from another provider - Start investing with just £100 for a Junior ISA or Lifetime ISA, or £500 for a stocks and shares ISA or pension - Create an unlimited number of pots to invest for different goals - Contribute or edit your settings anytime within the app Transparent - Track your portfolio performance in real time and see market highlights - See if you’re on track to reach your goals with our interactive projection graphs - Monitor how your investment pots score against environmental, social and governance factors - See exactly which companies, sectors and countries your investment pot is invested in Built by experts - Expert-built investment portfolios backed by technology and experience - Choose from four managed investment styles, including socially responsible portfolios, to suit your goals and preferences - Free financial guidance when you need it - Every portfolio is globally diversified and automatically rebalanced to keep it aligned with your chosen risk level in targeting long-term growth - We offer restricted financial planning and advice at a fee to help you develop a long-term strategy What do we offer? - Stocks and shares ISA - Lifetime ISA - Junior ISA - Personal pension - General Investment Account
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