BlueDiamond™ Mobile
Carrier Fire & Security Americas Corporation
Features added to the BlueDiamond mobile application include: • Two-factor authentication provides a method for validating BlueDiamond mobile credentials using a Pattern, PIN or Password. • Homepage walk-thru describe important app features and highlight the latest app updates. Subscription-based* features added in BlueDiamond include: • Contact Notification: By anonymously identifying and communicating real-time COVID-19 risk, this service provides employees with a safer building experience, promotes a safer return to the workplace. The contact notification feature enables daily self-assessments for employees to report any symptoms, risks or positive COVID-19 status. An employee’s building access is automatically restricted for the company configured quarantine period once they self-declare as COVID positive. The contact notification feature also allows the system to anonymously monitor employee interactions with self-declared COVID+ individuals so that direct contacts can be communicated about potential exposure and COVID-19 risk. Contact notification includes a social distancing option which enables the system to monitor the proximity of employees while within the building and enforce social distancing. Any employee violating employer configured minimum social distance will receive notification. All stored information is anonymous and never personally identifiable. Govt. Affiliation Letter City Council of Palm Beach Gardens1: Govt. Affiliation Letter City Council of Palm Beach Gardens2 : Demo Video for Contact Notification: The current targeted jurisdiction for the Contact Notification service is North America. • Indoor Location: This feature provides convenient facility-wide navigation for employees and visitors. Through the app, users can access a map of the facility which leverages blue dot positioning to help users quickly identify their location within the facility, search for points of interest and obtain turn-by-turn directions to their destination. * For more information, please visit our website or contact your LenelS2 Value Added Reseller (VAR). * The App collects location data to enable the Pathways frequently travelled route feature to function even when the App is closed or not in use. BLE and write to data storage disclosure: The App use Bluetooth permissions to detect and communicate with nearby BlueDiamond readers. When the Apps’ “Contact Notification” feature is used and its optional social distancing feature enabled, the Apps will use Bluetooth technology to detect and communicate with other nearby mobile devices to alert the users to observe distancing policy parameters. The App use “write to external storage” permission to download and save the BlueDiamond credential certificate which contains device-specific “signatures” required to communicate with the BlueDiamond readers for door access. WIFI status data usage disclosure: App requires access to Wifi status permission for Google Places SDK which is used to know the exact location, to add it to a Pathway. App also collects Wifi SSID/BSSID for Analytics purposes. Location data usage disclosure: The App collects location data to enable the Pathways frequently travelled route feature to function even when the App is closed or not in use Privacy Notice URL: End User License Agreement (EULA) URL: Demo Video link for Contact Notification service: Demo Video link for Indoor Location service: Demo Video for Location, Bluetooth and write to external storage permissions: Demo Video for WIFI status disclosure in the App:
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