Smart Traffic
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Would you like to know the traffic on your street on your way to work or home? Smart Traffic informs you with a personalized voice report about possible delays due to traffic, accidents or road works. Why use the navigation app if you know the way to your destination? Smart Traffic informs you about the traffic along your destination but also around your GPS position, then if you need directions you can always switch to the navigator with a simple click. Smart Traffic is your virtual agent, It knows where you are at all times and continuously monitors the traffic situation in front of you. Smart Traffic is also with you when you listen to music. Open Smart Traffic and choose a destination, listen your favorite music, and when you need it you will hear a sound, it's ST that tells you when it's time to change route and how to skip traffic! Drive off with a click, stay informed and enjoy the ride! NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can lead to excessive battery drain. In the background it consumes less, while still sending you traffic notifications For more information, go to If you want to send us comments, request information or assistance, you can send an email to Smart Traffic is made by Duel S.r.l.
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