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iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet is a multifunctional client powered by Telegram API with integrated Tools, Ai, Blockchain and Crypto Wallet. Multifunctional, Fast, Powerful, Private, Cloud-based, Secure. The official client team performs the main development of the messenger creating the most progressive and technological platform in the world. The iMe team improves the functionality of the official client as well as develops its own features: TO WORK WITH CHATS • Topics and chat folders; • Advanced settings for tabs and folders; • Sorting chats by types; • Sorting chats in archive; • Private albums in the Cloud; • Music from your device and chats is in a single section; ADVANCED INTERFACE • Multi-panel in chats; • Side menu settings; • Wide posts and disabling the bottom bar in the channels; • Contacts filters; CONVENIENT TOOLS • Multi-forwarding to chats with on/off author; • Multi-reply in groups; • Translation of incoming and outgoing messages; • Extracting text from the image; • Making description of the image; • Converting voice messages into text; • Adding reactions with emoji and buttons with links to messages; • Animated sticker and GIF on your video avatar; • Neurobots-assistants offering quick replies in the form of phrases and GIFs; • Clearing cache once a day; • iMe settings backup in the Cloud; FINANCE • Crypto Wallet for Ethereum accounts (ETH, USDT, LIME, OLCF) for cryptocurrency storage, purchasing and transferring crypto within chats; • Integration of Simplex for the secure purchase of cryptocurrency through bank cards; • Decentralized swap via Uniswap; • Internal coins AiCoin as a universal means of calculation and in-app monetization; Many other features are available in iMe, join us and try all of it! User authorization, data transfer and storage occur through Telegram servers. Privacy and security are fully provided by the official client. Write to our support team if you have any wishes, questions and complaints. Support: Discussion group: News channel:
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