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NOTE: the MiPlus Messenger app must be installed on your Android phone in order to use this action. ❇️Miplus, a unique experience of unfiltered, safe and fast Telegram❇️ ✅Mi plus messenger withs a fest, fastest unblock able and anti-filter platform on Telegram API,will makes you to don't need to download any other unofficial Telegrams. This messenger is an unofficial, powerful, secure and fast version of the official Telegram. This messenger by offering unique facilities and features, will gives you a wonderful and uniqueexperience of Telegram. ✅ Mi plus as a telegram is unfiltered and anti-filter. This powerful messenger will remove any filtering on Telegram by auto connecting to the world's fastest and most powerful proxies and offers you an unfiltered Telegram. The anti-filter feature has made it impossible for any government to filter it. There is no need to install any VPN by downloading Mi plus. ✅you can download files, photos, videos, music,... fast and without any interruption by installing this Telegram, Mi plus. you can also easily upload large files without interruption and send them to others by using fast proxies. ✳️Highlights: ✔️Powerful, secure and fast unofficial version of Telegram ✔️Without any filtering and anti-filter ✔️Using the most fast and powerful proxies in the world ✔️Download and upload files fast and without any interruption ✔️Various and useful features 💎Features of Mi plus💎 ☑️Customize Name:Make your name more beautiful with various and creative designs🔮 ☑️Multi-Account:Create multiple accounts in Mi plus and manage them📣 ☑️Pin Chats: Pin more than 100 chats, channels and groups🎲 ☑️Stickers: Categorize stickers and customize the order🎴 ☑️Chat Management: Pin several messages in everychats and make categories of family, friends, colleagues for your chats💌 ☑️Tabs and Folders:Categorize channels, chats and groups in different tabs and folders📚 ☑️Fonts:More beautiful environment by various fonts 🆎 ☑️Various Themes:Choose beautiful themes and customize them by changing color and design🌈 ☑️Night Mode: Auto activation of night mode in low light and darkness🌑 ☑️Ghost Mode:Read messages without any sign and secretly 👻 ☑️Voice Changer:Change tour voice and send it for your friends🔊 ☑️Nearby Chat: Find people around you and start chat with them👭 ☑️Emojis:Thousands of beautiful and useful emojis🤩 ☑️Advanced Forward: Various and specific settings for forwarding messages , edit your messages before forward them.🚀 ☑️Customize Notifications:Choose various notifications for chats, channels and groups🎶 ☑️Privacy and Security: Customize privacy settings and improve your security🔐 ✅You will face new up to date and new features in each update of Megaplus messenger. By downloading this powerful messenger, you will have a full feature messenger.Megaplus team is always thinking of creating new and advanced features. Please send us your feedback and comments and join our team to improve the Megaplus Messenger. Description: 💠Fast, secure and anti-filter unofficialPersian Telegram 💠Auto connection to the fastest and most powerful proxies in the world 💠Fast download and upload of files, music, documents, videos, … 💠Unique features such as nearby chat, voice changer, ghost mode, multi-account, Advanced Forward, … 💠Easy user interface with various and beautiful themes and fonts
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