SoSecure: Personal Safety & Emergency Response
What’s new with SoSecure We’re making it faster, easier and safer to call for help in an emergency – using just your voice. TrackMe+ with Voice Activation lets you quickly alert ADT hands-free using Google Assistant, or with your personalized secret phrase if you need to be discreet. Say, for example, “Pink Pineapple” (or whatever phase you create), and ADT will immediately contact first responders and send them your GPS location, though you still have the ability to cancel the SOS with a quick text if it’s a false alarm. If you don’t need to be discreet, you can just say “Hey Google, open SoSecure and send help,” and ADT will contact you first to confirm the emergency and send help to your location. You can subscribe to Track Me + Voice Activation for just $3.99/mo. or $39.99/year, plus applicable taxes. We’ve also added a “Skip Countdown” option that allows you to bypass the countdown once you initiate an SOS emergency that takes you immediately to the emergency page. We also took care of a few bug fixes to improve performance. TrackMe+: Do your thing without doing it alone. Walking to your car on your own? Headed out for a run or maybe going on that first date? Or maybe you have to regularly be in unfamiliar settings or around strangers. No matter where you go, there’s no need to go it alone. TrackMe+ provides three safety features in one package – Activity Tracking and Live Monitoring Agent, with Voice Activation in an emergency. Personal Security Made Simple With Activity Tracking you can set a timer for any activity and invite ADT to track you. 1. Before you start, set a timer for any activity, up to four hours 2. Invite ADT to track you via GPS. Your Guardians can also track you in real-time, even if they don’t have the app. 3. When you’re done, just stop the timer. If the timer expires and we can’t confirm you’re safe, we’ll notify 911 and your guardians. Your guardians can include family members of friends, and we’ll send them a text with your location in the event of an emergency. And if you need help right away, we’ll notify first responders on your behalf and share your location and provide them any pertinent details. Access to Emergency Response & your own ‘Virtual Companion’ With our Live Monitoring Agent, you can have virtual security at your side and have someone on alert in case of an emergency. It’s like having a ‘virtual companion’ who stays connected to you via phone calls or text until you feel safe. With live GPS tracking, the agent can get you help quickly if you need it. At ADT, we want you to feel safer no matter where you go. Initiate an SOS alert with your voice With Voice Activation, you can use a secret phrase to discreetly call for help. Or, you can just ask Google to open SoSecure and send help. Either way, it’s a fast, easy and safer way to call for help if you need it. It’s a lot of extra peace of mind for just $3.99/month, or $39.99/year. Feel safer 24/7 SoSecure lets you take the safety and security of ADT with you on the go. SoSecure is a stand-alone, mobile safety and security app that can help you feel safer in your day-to-day life. On a date, out for a run or wherever life takes you, there’s no longer a need for you to go it alone and compromise safety for convenience. With SoSecure’s features, we’ve made staying safe easy. ● SOS Slider ○ Just slide the SOS button in the app or widget and we’ll reach out to get you help. ● SOS Response via Chat ○ Tap chat & we’ll text you for details on your emergency. ● Guardian Notification ○ We’ll keep your friends & family in the loop if there’s an emergency. ● Activity Tracking ○ Set a timer for any activity & invite ADT to track you via GPS for a designated time period. ● Live Monitoring Agent ○ Have a ‘virtual companion’ who will stay connected until you feel safe again. ● Voice Activation ○ Call for help in an emergency – using just your voice. Start with a 30-day free trial for TrackMe+!
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