akudo: UPI & Banking for Teens
Akudo Technologies
Hello, there. How’s your day going? Well, we can try to guess. You must have unlocked your phone, opened the play store or app store and searched for either ‘UPI Payments for teens' or ‘prepaid debit card for teenagers’ or even ‘online and offline payments' and you landed here. Well, looks like we’re just made for each other 🥺 Say a BIG HELLO to Akudo - India's #1 Neobank for teenagers (11-19) powered by UPI and VISA If you're looking for how to spend, save & invest money wisely, we got just the thing for you. We just made banking for teenagers easier than ever. Read more about us on https://www.akudo.in Why Akudo? 💳 A personalised VISA prepaid debit card for teenagers (Shop offline anywhere & online on Amazon, Nykaa, Swiggy & many more) 🤩 💲 Your very own UPI ID to scan & pay, and receive money IN SECONDS (via BHIM UPI). This is your unique ID that is used to make UPI payments in place of card or bank account details 🥳 💰 A dedicated Savings feature that lets you save money for the things you've always wanted to buy 😍 💸 Auto-pilot savings: A feature designed for you to save small amounts automatically for future. Because you deserve that PS5 😎 🎁Earn rewards & cashback 💵 Be a finance VISA-RD: Curated video content so that you learn the golden principles of wealth and win the money in life 😌 What’s more? You earn cashback for learning 🤑 ⟰ Send money to your friends or pay at your favourite shops in a tap using BHIM UPI 😌 Safety and security of payments ensured using UPI PIN - UPI PIN is similar to your Card PIN number, a 4 digit number which is set by you while creating your account. For all your UPI transaction UPI PIN is necessary. Please don’t share your PIN with anyone💲 If you’re a parent, with Akudo you can: 👉🏻Onboard yourself & your child with KYC under 2 minutes 👉🏻Gift your child a VISA prepaid debit card made for teenagers and a personal UPI ID 👉🏻Manage your child’s expenses in a much smoother way 👉🏻Add money to your child’s Akudo account using either UPI, Card or Netbank seamlessly 👉🏻Take control of your child’s account - block/unblock easily from your app 👉🏻Set up tasks & chores for your child and reward them for completing them 👉🏻Nudge your child into a financially smart world Why are the pros of prepaid debit card for teenagers? So they can learn how to operate their own finances in a much easier and hassle free way. Banking for teenagers was never this easy. We promise. How does a digital payment app for kids help parents? Well, firstly, it leaves you out of all the stress of sharing OTP. Plus, you don’t have to worry whether they’ll be able to handle all the cash. It’s just convenience packed in an app. Can you make offline and online payments through Akudo? Yes, the Akudo card being a VISA card, you can easily make both offline and online payments wherever you want. Be it in your favourite mall, restaurant or Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato or Nykaa). You can also use BHIM UPI to transfer money instantly. What are the benefits of banking for teenagers? They grow up financially smart. Really smart. Financially smart teenagers grow into financially smart adults. And that’s something we all wish to be. So, why not? We’re working round the clock to create the best financial product for teenagers. Our vision is to have India’s teenagers make seamless online payments using their prepaid card and UPI. We're not just a neo-bank, we're a neo-bank on a mission to create India's next financially smart generation. Hop on to the ship 🚢 Love Team Akudo
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