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PeaCast is a simple, free podcast player where you can always find something to listen to. Download and listen to your favorite podcasts offline whenever you want, wherever you are. Listen to podcasts on English as well as Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and other languages. Our podcast player will provide you with instant access to millions of podcasts from both the lesser-known and popular podcasters. With search, our app will allow you to find the podcast you want and start listening to it immediately. Advantages of our app: - Download episodes and listen offline. - Release and podcast information and descriptions - Search for the podcast you want. - Add to queue and listen in any order - Option to increase or decrease playback speed - Sleep mode - Add to favorites - Subscribe to podcasts - New episode alerts - Send podcast / episode / media file to friends and family - Automatic update - Add podcasts from your RSS feed - Filter and sort by alphabetically, date, duration, the title of episode or podcast, or randomly - Select country of podcasts Podcast listening is available for all users of our app. Discover new and better podcasts on a variety of subjects such as news, sports, technology, business, humor, education, music, religion, science, TV, movies, and much more. Discover an incredible range of podcasts and episodes on your phone or tablet free. Listen to popular podcasts such as Call Her Daddy, Dateline NBC, Ted Talks, The Daily, EnglishClass101, Elementary Podcasts, Splendid Speaking, Better @ English, Voice of America Learning English, Business English Pod, Tumble, The Moth, The Food Chain, My Year in Mensa, Freakonomics Radio, NPR, Stuff to Blow Your Mind....
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