My SOS Family Emergency Alerts
My SOS Family Ltd
Press one button or use your voice. We instantly Call and send SOS alerts to your family, friends, or colleagues with details of the emergency you are facing, your location, and even connect you to 999 for assistance. We help you face any emergency confidently with an easy-to-use fast service. Change the "999" connection to 999BSL and instead be connected via a video call to a British Sign Language operator who will relay the message to emergency services, while your signing to them, we will be calling and sending alerts to your family, friends, and colleagues with details of the emergency you are facing and your location. The easy-to-use emergency alert service that helps you avoid facing any emergency alone. Get fast help from people you know and trust, 24/7. Our alarm service is used and trusted by thousands of people globally and has been featured in the press and on TV. 3 simple steps to improve your safety: 1. Download the My SOS Family Emergency Alerts App. 2. Add people you trust (SOS Family). 3. Test the service on yourself or others. With My SOS Family Emergency Alerts you'll feel confident and be better prepared for any unknown emergency. -- 3 unique things that set this App apart from everyone else -- 1) Your alerts are instant and will get through. Because unlike others who only text, we also CALL your emergency contacts. We know few people read a text at 3 am or when driving. 2) Only the user needs this App, anyone can receive alerts. It’s hard to believe but our emergency call service can even be triggered without this App and doesn't need data or a phone signal. 3) We will only contact your emergency contacts in case of a real emergency, and we keep everyone updated so they know who is helping. Call for help, send SOS alerts use the safety alarm to emergency contacts & 999. This App will work even if there is no WIFI or data. -- Feature Packed – This App has lots of easy-to-trigger short-cuts and features like: - Hands-free voice activation for sending SOS alert. - Link and use your Alexa smart speaker to send SOS alert and call for help - Set the SOS timer to protect against risky situations, - Link and use your landline to trigger SOS alerts and call for help. - Video Conferencing for to see and talk to your emergency contacts. - BSL999 Video calls Explore the App settings and test and pick your favourite short-cut. They’re designed to be easy-to-use by everyone. -- Wear OS -- App is available as a companion App for Wear OS devices, it runs independently on SIM-enabled wearable devices, but you must first download it on your phone. --- Accessibility API --- My SOS Family Emergency Alerts App requires access to the Accessibility API to trigger alerts in response to Power Button Long Press events - Panic Button. My SOS Family Emergency Alerts does not collect any personal information other than the location. My SOS Family Emergency Alerts collects location data to send your latest location in alerts even when the app is closed or not in use. My SOS Family Emergency Alerts' emergency call service is the easiest way to take responsibility for you and your family’s safety. Download it today and improve your safety. Avoid facing an emergency alone, without an action plan. Feel confident & better prepared for any emergency with My SOS Family Emergency Alerts.
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