Quil Assure
Nearly 28% of seniors in the United States live alone, while 54 million Americans serve as unpaid caregivers to a loved one or friend. After living through the first ever youth culture revolution in the 50s and 60s, nearly all of today’s seniors would agree that retirement means spending most of their time on hobbies, fun activities and simply enjoying life. Yet the-eager-for-fun generation has been putting fun on hold. Targeted by a raging pandemic, seniors have been forced to adopt technologies that had largely passed them by. And as tech creators and marketers continue delivering on the promises of innovation, our vulnerable seniors continue to be neglected and forgotten. Quil Assure is the connected home platform designed to relieve the stresses of caregivers and care receivers. The all-in-one platform helps manage care – filling in gaps, sending alerts and keeping track of vital patterns and routines, all while maintaining the privacy seniors desire. Simply put, Quil Assure works to relieve burdens by restoring the independence of seniors and taking weight off of the shoulders of their caregivers. The components of the platform include the Quil Assure application, The Hub (e.g. the brain that monitors patterns and routines to deliver insights), motion sensors that are installed in the home, door detectors for home presence and absence insights, and a panic “button” for emergency services. Through the power of the platform, Quil users are able to access the widest breadth of capabilities from a single app. These features and capabilities include: Smart Sensing: Quil discreetly monitors daily routines and detects patters that are out of the ordinary. Smart Alerts: Quil sends alerts to a care recipients care circle upon change of behavior, ensuring emergency notifications aren’t over-triggered each time there is a change. Safety Protocols and Emergency Support: Quil allows care recipients to setup a chain of alerts to the right folks in their care circle to support them when needed, as well as trigger 24/7 emergency support services Automated Reminders: Quil sends reminders about medications, appointments, and other health management tasks Care Circle Coordination & Handoffs: Quil easily allows a care recipients loved ones to coordinate their care, and see “whose on first” at the right time Integration with Wearables – Quil tracks activity and heart rate, breathing, walking and more, and delivers those insights to the people that should receive them. Quil Assure is delivered by Quil, the company that helps people organize and navigate their health lives. Quil is the joint venture between Independence Health Group (Independence) and Comcast, and is committed to educating and engaging consumers about their health to deliver better care and better outcomes at a lower cost. Quil serves patients, members, and their caregivers and is partnered with healthcare providers and health plans nationally. Quil is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with additional offices in New York City. For more information, visit: quilhealth.com
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