EasyGram: client for Telegram
فیلترشکن محله
EasyGram is an unofficial client that uses the Telegram API. EasyGram is NOT affiliated with the Telegram messenger Inc. The main goal of EasyGram is to provide a free means of personal communication through easing access to VPNs in the app. EasyGram maintains a list of powerful, fast, and yet free VPNs since 2020. Our list of Internet censorship circumvention tools gets constantly updated so you have a reliable connection to your loved ones. To use EasyGram you do not need a separate VPN client or find VPN servers. You can use the VPNs in the app for an unlimited time period. By using Telegram API, you will be able to get the same quality of message exchange, file upload, secret chats, and all the other features you love about Telegram. Sharing information, text messages, images and videos with your contacts, friends, and family would be as easy as ABC with the group feature of Easygram. You can also create SuperGroups and enjoy having a large number of contacts in the same group. The channels will help you broadcast your contents to the members conveniently. Calling your friends could not be easier! With EasyGram, you can call your friends. You don’t need a 5g internet connection to call your family. Internet connections that are 4g LTE,and even 3g which has a lower internet speed can experience the ultimate sound quality and a reliable call, all for free. Your privacy and securing your data is our top priority. EasyGram supports end-to-end encrypted voice calls so you can enjoy your private chats. Secret chats are only stored on your device and are not available on Telegram servers. The source code for EasyGram is available at https://github.com/teleeasygram/EasyGram Credits: Screenshots are Designed by Freepik (www.freepik.com).
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