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Zoho Lens - Remote assistance through augmented reality! Ease the means to get expert visual support from the agents, using Zoho Lens. Zoho Lens allows support agents to provide expert work instructions to customers or field agents by initiating a session and accessing their smartphone. The efficient remote assistance tool with both HD video and audio lets you annotate live objects in need for problem solving. Zoho Lens entails the following features: Live stream View high definition real-time video from the customer's smartphone to the agent's desk. Initiate a Zoho Lens session and quickly access the live footage of the issue demanding a solution. AR annotation Add AR annotations to the video stream for extra virtual information. Easily add arrows, or even point to the parts that need technical aid. Chat and communicate Reduce response time by interacting with your customer through voice support or initiate an in-app chat session. Zoom, freeze and screenshot Pinch the screen to zoom into the video feed to get a closer look at the real world objects. Additionally, freeze the screen to access more intricate issues within a particular screen. Capture a screenshot, share with the customer to analyse the issue further or document the screenshots for offline appraisal. Session Notes Jot down notes and thoughts during the session which you can reference back later. Initiate and schedule sessions Agents can initiate a quick session and share the Join Now link to the customer. Sessions can also be scheduled based on convenience. Join a session Customers can simply tap the shared join link or enter Name & Session Key and tap 'Join'. Multi-participant Session Experts can invite secondary technicians with different skill sets to help them out during a session. Camera Switch End-users can switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera during a session to communicate better with the Expert. Zoho Lens mobile app is an extension of our web application Zoho Lens. Download and signup for a 14 days free trial. For further comments, suggestions, and questions, please write to us at support@zoholens.com
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