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Achieve your goals and high motivation by setting your personal mission and easy planning schedule. For inspiration, motivation, understanding of deep values and life strategy, write the text of your personal mission and set annual goals in My Goals Achieve app. So, Stephen Covey in “The Seven Habits” defines personal mission as the most effective way and the most reliable guarantee that a person will achieve their goals. Nothing else can provide the same motivation, integrity, and completeness of your planning. To achieve significant results in a short time in all areas of life and use your time effectively, set achievable goals and prescribe actions to achieve these results in the "12 week goals" section. For added motivation, reread your personal mission statement, one-year goals, and 12 weeks goals as often as possible. Using Stephen Covey's Importance Quadrants, ensure that you plan your time and planning schedule in the most efficient way. Remain flexible, easily adaptable to any external factors, save planning time and at the same time achieve your goals thanks to well-thought-out program logic. Conveniently plan your schedule by simply dragging and dropping the tasks created in the one-week plan along the timeline. Stay effective with easy-to-use graphical analysis of the results obtained and their comparison with the expended effort using the My Goals Achieve app. Analyzing your actions and achieving results in different areas of life helps to get even more motivation and focus on the results. In addition, the analysis by the importance quadrants allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions and schedule.
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