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From coast to coast in the U.S., Violence against Recovery Agents are on the rise. Assault and threats remain a pervasive occupational safety hazards for repossession professionals. Cellphones could have been instrumental in reporting these deadly events. The Repo Man “Instant Emergency Notification” app by the Texas Guardians is connecting technology to law enforcement situation rooms for faster reporting when response times matter most. Recovery Agents and office staff no longer need to hit three numbers to dial 911 when a shooter, a belligerent client, a disgruntle employee or a personal attack is directed to you. The App allows individuals to tap a single button on their phone to quickly alert Building security, law enforcement and first responders. The app automatically dims the light on phones and sets the device to vibrate to help the user under siege by a hostile individual. The paradigm within Recovery Agents and office personnel has changed forever. No one can predict when a disgruntled employee, angry client or someone with a mental health issue will strike. The Repo Man App by Texas Guardian, is specifically designed to reduce the number of threats, confrontations and loss of lives. The app is available to any Recovery agents and office personnel, allowing individuals to report a myriad of situations that includes suspicious activities and explosions to threats, shooters and suicides. A cell phone is a physical extension of today’s recovery professional. They always have it with them and it’s always on, making it the perfect vehicle for reporting potentially deadly situations. In many instances, Agents that employ full-time security have standard operating procedures that require them to take up positions outside the buildings and not actively intervene or engage with the threat. The Repo Man App can be activated at the first sign of trouble, alerting all emergency contacts the user has assigned, including building security even if they are on the opposite end of the complex. Agents & Staff have brought a gun to work to make them feel safe. Employees of all department are living with anxiety, looking over their shoulders and flinching at every loud noise. Daily headline new are affecting employees production at every level. The threat is real, making experts wonder what’s on the horizon – a bomb, fire, suicide bomber or an active shooter. Violence against agents and other workers happens regularly, often under the radar, and has been a continuing concern for the profession. “Violence can be due to new financing laws, reduction of employment hours or from angry family members who recently lost property and the agent become the focus of their anger and angst.” The Repo Man App from The Texas Guardians app is specially designed to summon aid in the quickest time possible, enabling law enforcement to neutralize threats when response times matters most. To keep our clients safer, we do not disclose any hidden lifesaving feature built in this product for the general public to read. To learn more, please contact our office for product details.
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