Sahas, Inc.
Zich is a personal safety app with a range of safety features designed to keep you safe in any situation. It has several unique features - like the ability to send SOS Alerts using just a Voice Command or getting a “fake phone call” whenever you need it - a perfect exit strategy for uncomfortable situations. Zich lets you send an SOS message to your loved ones with a Tap or just a Voice Command. During an emergency, Sahas automatically connects your pre selected contacts by sharing your live location and other critical information in a Group 'Emergency Incident'. Users can coordinate with each other through Group Chat or Group Call, and easily plan a rescue. Your privacy is a priority for Zich. Once you are safe, you can 'Close' the Emergency Incident, which immediately stops sharing your live location and other information. Zich can do a LOT more to keep you and your loved ones safe. Try now!
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