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Use an easy, free, and fast QR barcode generator & scanner on your smartphone! 📱 Scanning and creating QR codes and barcodes have become easier with the QR & Barcode scanner and creator. It’s a safe and professional QR code & barcode scanner that allows you to scan QR code and bar code of all formats. There is a built-in Quick Response code & barcode maker to assist you in creating codes for your valuable content. QRBarcode Reader can automatically scan and recognize the content of QR codes or barcodes in major code formats using only your phone's camera. Everything will be completed in three steps: ➡️ Point and scan the QR code ➡️ Select content to create its code ➡️ Save it and you're done! QR barcode reader & creator supports both front and back cameras. Even it provides space to organize the history of your scanned and created codes. Most importantly, it is compatible with almost all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. So, users from all over the world can easily use this QR code creator and scanner on their devices. - Quickly get the online prices of products 👉 Scan the Product's Barcode 👉 Get online price of the product from top marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, and more 👉 Compare and Buy. Save Money! In particular, to express our gratitude for our users' support, QR Code generator and Barcode scanner have chosen to offer our Android users free services with spectacular and high-quality features permanently. KEY FUNCTIONS: ✔ Minimal and user-friendly interface ✔ Scan using camera or from image ✔ Supports both front and back cameras ✔ Dual dark and light themes for users ✔ Inverse code colors in dark theme ✔ Scan codes at night using a flashlight ✔ Enable batch scan to scan and save history ✔ Enable autofocus mode for precise scanning ✔ Keep history of scanned and created results ✔ Copy scanned barcodes to clipboard ✔ Scan QR code and auto-connect to Wi-Fi ✔ Batch Scan QR & Bar-code in bulk ✔ Supports multiple search engines ✔ Generate QR code of your contact directly ✔ Personalize the app from customizable settings ✔ QR code scanner generator free app ✔ No internet required 📴 to create QR code or Barcode   🈚📱 QR Barcode Scanner 🈚📱 This is a handy QRcode reader and bar code scanner to help to you in scanning a wide range of codes. You can scan code from gallery images or by using camera directly. However, you can scan codes of more than 20 formats of one and two dimension QR codes. QRbarcode scanner will create a history log for you. 🈚📱 QR Code Creator 🈚📱 QR code scanner and QR creator enable you to create and share infinite QR codes in various forms. You may quickly build your own QR code by entering the information and pressing the "Generate" button. Our QR code maker helps to create codes for; • Events • Contacts • Website • Locations • Messages • Text • Email • Bookmark • Events • Wi-Fi • URL 🈚📱 Barcode Creator 🈚📱 There is a built-in bar code creator that will help you create multiple 1D and 2D barcodes. The barcode reader and barcode maker allow to create; One-Dimension Barcodes: • Aztec • PDF417 • Data Matrix Two Dimensional Barcodes: • Codabar or Codeabar, ITF • EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-E, UPC-A • Code 128, Code 93, Code 39 🔎📄 Batch Scan Support 🔎📄 This lector QR bar-code scanner is an easy and fast batch scanning tool if you have many QR codes/Bar codes to scan. This feature allows you to scan many QR codes at once. After all of the scans have been done, you can compare them. You can utilize this feature to speed up the scanning process. 👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽📱 Share With Friends 👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽📱 All of the findings of QR code reader and scanner can be shared with friends via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Email, SMS, and others. Scan and Create Codes now to make the things easier to organize! For any issues or collaborations, contact us via: https://ascetx.com/contact-us/
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