WellTraining: Running Tracker, Cycling, Map Run
WellTraining - the new generation workout activity tracker app, using the latest technology with EXTREMELY ACCURATE tracking 🔥🔥🔥 You are passionate about running, cycling or simply love relaxing walking to improve your health. Let WellTraining - an activity tracker app free, be your companion, making the training process become easier and more enjoyable. MAIN FEATURES OF WellTraining: Activity Tracker 🏃🏼‍♀️ Running: outdoor running and indoor running (treadmill) 🚴‍♂️Cycling / Riding 🚶🏼 Walking Monitoring Exercise Process + WellTraining allows you to track running distance and cycling routes + Records training progress automatically, speed, and calories burned. + Map your running and ride: Linking GPS track your training location, draw your running or riding map. + Provides weather information: wind speed, UV index, air humidity, probability of precipitation. Help you choose the right time to run a workout.⛅️☀️☔️❄️ Set A Goal + Set running distance goals: the smallest distance goal starting from 0.5km and can gradually increase + Set time goals: challenge yourself by setting time goals or set goal running for weight loss + Or sometimes you want a free workout, No Target mode is for you. Play Music Enjoy a workout with the music. Choose the songs you love most and start: + Connects to all music players on your phone + Now running and cycling no longer have boring workout hours, you can easily choose and listen to your favorite songs while practicing. Voice Guidance + Support voice guidance with language option, adjust the volume + Allows adjusting the time between notification repeats + Optional guidance about the distance, time, speed, and elevation Analyze Activity + Pace: This running app will show your Avg. Pace and Best Pace + Time: include the Total Time and Moving Time + Distance: running distance tracker function to measure total distance that you have practiced + Calories burned: the number of calories you have burned + Step: include the total number of running steps; cadence and your stride length + Heart Rate: measures heart rate when connecting to a smartwatch. It displays Avg. Heart Rate; Max. Heart Rate and VO2 Max (aerobic ability) + Elevation: the height of your running track compared to sea level. Workout Profile History + In the profile section always displays your total workouts at all activities, training charts by time, and BMI is constantly updated. + Your diary: Save your entire training history by date, month, and year and break down the details by each activity type. Training Plan - 5K Running Plan: Lesson for beginner, enough for you to get used to running and participating in the 5K training - 10K Running Plan: Average training plan, giving beginners challenges and endurance tests for experienced runners -------------------------------------------------- WellTraining's distinct advantages: ⚡️ ACCURATE tracking is built by the newest technology ⚡️ Run tracker offline or online ⚡️ Synchronize and backup data. You no longer worry about data loss ⚡️ Self-challenge by set goals for distance, practice time ⚡️ Easily play your favorite music while practicing. ⚡️ Weather updates help you easily plan your workout. ⚡️ Low capacity, beautiful interface, easy to use. ⚡️ Connect to social media to easily share training achievements. Download WellTrainning now if you need a running app with the latest features. Training now becomes more exciting.🔥🔥🔥 -------------------------------------------------- Rate us 5⭐️ if you feel satisfied If you have any comments that would like to contribute to our fitness app, please leave a comment below, any useful ideas are welcome. Your contributions will help to develop WellTraining better in future versions. Thank you for reading. Meet you soon in the app! Website: https://mywelltraining.com/
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