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BiTel is a messaging app that uses the Telegram API to offer you a secure and fast messaging experience. One of the best messaging apps available on Play Store Gaining popularity fast with the number of downloads increasing daily Translated into many languages With support groups in a number of different languages Not only does BiTel have all the features of Telegram, but it also has a huge package of extra useful and unique features ready for you to make the most of your messaging experience. * High speed proxy without interruption * Advanced tabs, including channels, groups, bots, contacts and more * Ability to relocate or reorder tabs: by this you can move the places of Tabs in your own * Ability to make call and easy chat: By this features you can make call and chat with your friends easily * Ability to search for people near you: with this features or people nearby you can find people that are online around you * Advanced message encryption and high security * Ability to send unlimited songs, high-volume videos and photos * Ability to delete mutual messages * Ability to put gifs in profiles * Unlimited cloud memory * Ability to create private chats * Attractive stickers and emoji * BiTle proprietary settings * Easy and fast change to night mode in the drop-down menu * Contacts changes * Ability to add ten accounts * Ghost mode * Advanced Forward * Forward without quotes * Ability to select part of the text * Ability to hide number and ID * Text translator * download manager * Sound changer * Ability to hide chats * Ability to display contact changes * Advanced beautiful writer * Profile maker * Ability to view mutual contacts * Off button and turn on button * Different and beautiful themes with the possibility of creating a custom theme * ID Finder * Smart proxy changer * Easy access to saved messages and media * Ability to send scheduled messages * View contacts online * Ability to display data usage by different modes * Answering machine * Easy access to saved cache * Optimal and minimal use of the battery * Ability to view download progress * Ability to show username instead of mobile number And many more things you will be able to discover by yourself. Now is the time to click the download button and to truly experience of what you have just read. Don't forget to check out our channel for news and updates: our support group:
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