Dual Sim
Dual Sim (beta) enables Google Assistant to make calls through a SIM of your choice! Right now, whenever you request Google Assistant to call a contact on a dual SIM based device, either a dialog prompting to select a SIM appears or call is made through a pre-selected SIM. With Dual Sim, you can make a call from a particular SIM through the following command: Hey Google! Use Dual Sim to call your contact name on your sim choice NOTES: * Google Assistant can support Dual Sim app only when the language is set to English (United States.) You can configure it by opening your Google App's settings > Language > English (United States.) * Dual Sim right now is configured to search contacts by first name only, it doesn't differentiate between multiple contacts with same name (hence it's in beta.) * Dual Sim picks up the primary number of the contact selected to dial, it doesn't offer to select a number incase the contact has multiple numbers associated with it. Permissions: READ_PHONE_STATE: To detect available SIMs on the device and get details of a specified SIM. CALL_PHONE: To place a call to the specified contact. READ_CONTACTS: To read specified phone contact's phone number. Looking for feedback to further improve it. :)
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