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A-I Group
We use Telegram's API so you can be in contact with all Telegram contacts, channels, nearby people and the whole community. Following are a few of our special features: • Voice to text feature which lets you type with your voice • Automatic translation of your text to any language • Selecting different target translation language for each dialogue • Customizable Text tabs for categorization • Download manager • Voice changer • Follow your contacts' updates • Different Themes including night mode • The hidden mode for specific channel or conversations • Small-size App with high performance and minimum battery usage • Scheduled and delayed messaging • Monitor your BoomChat data usage for Wi-Fi, Mobile Data • Easily access your saved media • Customizable options for conversations • Profile Maker • Smart automatic proxy change • Ghost and night mode settings • Ghost mode customisation • Showing the current account in each dialogue box • Finding online people in a new tab • A new tab for scheduled messages • Switch between grid or list menu • Full-screen avatar • Auto respond to chat messages for busy times • Message flagging • Video quality setting while loading • Adjusting the sticker sizes • Checking all devices which are connected to your account • More features for sharing location and dark map in night mode • Profile page display by clicking on the image in dialogue list • Profile image album • Font setting for each specific text • Unlimited pin for specific dialogues • Check if somebody has already stored my number • Removing the speech balloon • Customizing the popup menu content for messages
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