KATANA Safety, Incorporated
Get Help Anytime, Anywhere, at the Touch of a Button! KATANA Safety empowers life, freedom, and safety through an immediate connection to friends, family and a 24/7 Response Center. KATANA is the only personal safety device that attaches directly to any smart phone keeping you connected and in control. Personal Safety on the Go. - Be Prepared For the Unpreparable The KATANA Safety Wallet’s patented quick trigger alerts bypass your phone’s lock screen to notify our 24/7 Emergency Response Center. Our trained professionals can dispatch emergency services to your exact GPS location and alert your trusted family and friends. - Requirements: * We strongly recommend keeping the KATANA Safety app running in the background to ensure your alerts dispatch as quickly as possible and provide the best location accuracy. * Bluetooth must be enabled and on to connect the app with your KATANA Safety Arc or Wallet * Location services must be set to Always Allow. This is vital for accuracy. Your location is only used or recorded in the event of an alert. * An active data plan or Wi-Fi connection is required * Please use Android 8 or later. **Local Emergency Dispatch Service currently only available in the United States. All other features are available anywhere you have mobile service or Wi-Fi available.
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