Safe Cop Stops
Cloud of Witnesses, LLC
Safety and security are the most important need to humanity after the essentials of food, air, and water! Simply stated, high priority MUST be placed upon prevention of any breach in your personal security and safety, minimizing homicides, murders, kidnapping, trafficking, rape, sexual assault, and violation of rights. In America there are an average of 116,000 traffic stops every day and studies show that 3% of those are misconducted. The media provides coverage of a few high-profile stories like the murder of a young black man shot while following an order to retrieve his license, but they miss covering stories like a 21- year-old white college student who is raped by an officer at 1:20a.m. on her drive alone back to her dorm after leaving a study group The Associated Press recently released results of an investigation that proved 440 officers in 41 states lost their badges for sexual misconduct while on duty and over $2 billion payed out to victims of misconduct. Though the media doesn’t have the capacity to cover all cases of officer misconduct, it does not take away from the fact that it happens every day and no one is immune to the possibility of a traffic stop escalating to irreparable measures. Cloud of Witnesses, LLC (The COW) is the developer of the Safecopstops App, designed to provide motorist with up to 10 Virtual Witnesses (VW) during traffic stops. It is the only app of its kind that voice activates and mobilizes help and tracking in vulnerable and unsafe conditions.
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