VIJAC Scheduler
Victoria Farber
The main goal is to significantly streamline daily activities scheduling. Application captures the free form scheduling statement using voice recognition, extracts scheduling content and records in Google calendar. Statements joined by logical AND, EXCEPT operators are recognized and recorded as one composite calendar event. These features optimize management of complex schedules by significantly reducing the time required to record them. For example, VIJAC Scheduler will record 'Legal Process Lectures from September 12th to December 1st every Friday at 10:30am and 2:30pm except November 4th to November 12th' as one calendar event, providing the ability to update event's description, duration and add location. Scheduler supports statements with MONTLY, WEEKLY, DAILY and ANNUALLY repetitions. Application supports DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, JORNAL calendar views and auxiliary views. Auxiliary views allow to configure event categories, select holidays and add them to active calendar as a daily event. Notifications, configurable event categories and calendar search functions are supported as well.
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Android 5.0 이상 휴대전화
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