Bestla - Tesla Advanced Companion
Appuccino LLC
Bestla gives you several ways to take charge ϟ of your Tesla: ϟ Periodically fetch vehicle data, showing key stats such as battery levels, battery degradation, odometer, temperatures, and more over varying time periods ϟ Perform any action outside of the app with custom: ‣‣‣ Google Assistant phrases for any action, such as “Use Bestla to lock the car doors” ‣‣‣ App Shortcuts, allowing use of actions with a long press on the home screen icon - or press and hold to drag actions to their own icon on the home screen ‣‣‣ Quick Settings tiles, for quick access next to other tiles such as WiFi and Bluetooth ‣‣‣ Persistent notification, with customizable actions ϟ Schedule actions in the future, whether one-time or periodically (ex. warm the car at 8am on weekdays, or lock the doors in 5 minutes) ϟ Show nearby chargers on a map, and quickly send them to your vehicle or open them in your maps app ϟ Back up your vehicle's data ϟ Many more features to come!
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