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Mileage tracking app records your miles automatically for taxes, reimbursement and personal productivity. If you're a business owner, self-employed contractor or employee, this simple trip tracking app is designed perfectly for you. Save time with mileage tracker and get tax deduction or reimbursement easier. Automatic trip tracking • Just enable GPS on your phone to have all your trips tracked automatically. • Tracking on the go without opening the app. • The address of start and end points are logged, as well as all stops throughout each trip. Accurate mileage logging • Mileage app tracks each mile, duration, date and time. • Value of your drives for taxes or reimbursements is calculated automatically. • Sort and categorize trips to keep business rides separate from personal. Other features: • Use predefined categories: unclassified, business and personal. • Create your own categories of rides. • Move trips to categories with one swipe classification. • View your trip on the map, including path, start and end points. • Add business expenses like parking and toll fees. • Sort tracked trips by day, week, month, etc. • Add notes to your business rides. • Change cars in the app. • Delete unnecessary trips. • Enjoy light and dark themes. • Get push notifications when tracking starts and ends. More features are coming soon for your tax deductions and reimbursements to increase your productivity. Mileage Tracker is free for your business automation. Get started with a free plan, then upgrade to Pro account for unlimited classifications and additional customizable categories. Terms of use: Privacy policy:
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