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Experience a fresh way to manage money. Reach your goals with personalized insights and custom budgets. Use Mint as a subscription manager and track your money spending ---all for free. See your monthly bills, create budgets, grow savings, & build stronger financial habits. Get the #1 personal finance and free budgeting app now*. Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker app that brings together all of your finances. From account balances and budget planners to tracking expenses and debt payments, all your money management is now in one place. Spend smarter. ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE APP • Track transactions & account balances • Monitor your monthly expenses • Control spending with our money spending tracker • Receive bill reminders • Connect your cash, credit cards, loans, investments etc with just one tap! MONITOR YOUR CASH FLOW Mint is your personal money manager - it helps you track expenses, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, expenses and taxes. We calculate your net worth and spending trends. We’ll help manage subscriptions and notify you when prices go up. SPEND SMARTER AND SAVE MONEY WITH PERSONALIZED MINTSIGHTS™ Take a deep dive into your accounts and uncover new ways to use this savings app. Alerts will improve your budgeting & spending habits. Use our money tracker to get a quick view of your finances, account balances, credit score, bills and more. BETTER BUDGETING, MONEY MANAGEMENT & EXPENSE MONITORING Make every dollar count with our free budget app. Get a smart expense budget based on your spending on day 1. Mint provides budgeting tips & advice to help you save for your financial goals. Plus, keep tabs on your balances with our budget tracker. SEE YOUR BILLS LIKE NEVER BEFORE Track bills and your financial goals alongside your account balances. Get monthly bill reminders to end late fees. Plus, you can track expenses to help you reach your financial goals sooner. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS Set custom financial goals in our budgeting app and get actionable tips tailored to you. With our money management advice, you can see and celebrate your progress. As well as checking your refund status when you file with Turbotax. HOME LOANS WITH ROCKET MORTGAGE AND MORE Apply for home loans with our partner, Rocket Mortgage. We’ll pre-fill your app with Mint data so you can easily apply for a new mortgage or refinance. Plus, get money-saving offers from our partners. This includes credit cards, investments, loans, & more. STAY SECURE We’re serious about keeping your account safe and are constantly improving our security measures. See more here: *based on all-time app downloads FROM INTUIT INC. Mint is part of a suite of financial tools that include TurboTax®, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Self-Employed™, and ProConnect™. To learn how Intuit works to protect your privacy, please visit By installing or using Mint, you agree to our Terms: Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.
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