Chabad provides rich access to's vast Jewish content resources and many Jewish calendar tools. Fun and educational for families! Here are some examples of questions you can ask Chabad: Shabbat times ("When is Shabbat candle lighting?") Children's stories ("Play a children's story") Daily Torah lesson with Rashi ("Play today's Torah lesson") Halachic times ("When is dawn/sunrise/sunset/nightfall/earliest tefillin/latest shema/latest morning service/small mincha/half of mincha?" "What are all the prayer times?") Torah portion ("What's the Torah portion on December 24?') Gregorian to Hebrew date conversion ("What's the Hebrew date?", "What's the Hebrew date on May 14, 1948?") Rosh chodesh ("When is rosh chodesh?", "When is the new month after June 13?") As a shortcut, rather than saying "Talk to Chabad" and then asking a question, try asking directly, "Ask Chabad when is candle lighting?" Great for families and children. The Torah lessons are educational, and the Hebrew date conversion, prayer times, and Shabbat times are informative. More features coming soon!
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