Book Reader
Book reader is an app for Google Assistant which provides access to over 14 thousand audio books. For detailed book catalog, recommendation list and a search function, please visit The audio books are available in the public domain thanks to the Librivox project. With Book-Reader, these books can now be easily accessed over Google assistant on your mobile phone or on the Google Home speaker and Google virtual assistant. With Book reader, you can play a book by asking for the name of the book. There are over 14000 books available, all of which can be listened for free. If the book you asked is available, it will be played starting from the first chapter. You can skip to the next chapter by saying, 'Play next chapter'. There is also an optional sign in option, triggered during the conversation, which will allow you to save your last listen book and chapter position so you can restart from where you left off. For more details on supported commands, list of books available and a recommended list, please visit Happy listening !
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