Warriors Land
Only the true Warriors can embark on the quest to become the Great Emperor of the Warriors Land... Gain strength, gold and weapons and build your character's prestige. Explore the land, fight with creatures and steal gold from other warriors. Discover dozens of places and micro-adventures and find your way to the Great Emperor's castle to face him in the final battle! Key features of the game: ⚔️ Multiplayer - compete with thousands of players across the world ⚔️ The game is always on - when you leave the game, your Warrior will set a camp. You'll start in the same place when you come back. Beware though as other warriors may steal your Gold! ⚔️ Collect and loot or purchase gold via Google Pay ⚔️ Receive a map to your email - track your movements to allocate the best spot for the camp and avoid being robbed ⚔️ It's nearly impossible to finish the game in one go! Your status will save automatically when you leave the game Would you call yourself a warrior? Hey Google! Talk to Warriors Land! Looking for Warriors Land Map? Here it is: https://warriors-land.web.app/map HINT: you can also ask the Assistant to show you the map when you play the game -- This game is brought to you by Veeheister - producer of games like Word Chain, Fleet Battle, and Drum Metronome. Find out more at: https://veeheister.com
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