A woman sits at a desk, working, with a smart speaker behind her
A woman wakes up in her bedroom. She looks at a small smart speaker beside her
A man cooks in the kitchen, with the help of a smart display on the counter

Your home can do more.

With a little help from Google.

Ask Google to control smart devices in your home. No matter where you are, get things done – whenever you want.

Room experiences

Feel secure when you leave home

Protect your home with smart devices built to give you peace of mind. Control security systems and cameras from anywhere. And even lock doors using your voice or mobile phone. So you have less to worry about.

Explore security and awareness devices
A man stands in the entryway of his home, holding a dog leash. He taps a smart device to secure his home before leaving.
Hey Google, arm the security system to stay
OK, turning on the system

Room experiences

Take movie night to the next level.

Transform your living room into a theater. Dim the lights, play your favorite movie, or find something new to watch, all with a little help from Google.

Explore entertainment devices
Three friends sit on a couch, facing a smart TV. One friend is using the Google Home app on her smart phone to control the TV.
Hey Google, dim my lights
OK, dimming the lights

Room experiences

Wake up and unwind with more comfort.

Start and end every day more easily, with a smart bedroom tailored to your comfort. Wake up to your favorite podcast or music with smart speakers. Even get blinds that open and close with your voice.

Explore climate and energy devices
A woman wakes up in her bed. She looks at her smart display to view the temperature and time.
Hey Google, open the blinds

Room experiences

Get chores done, even when you’re gone.

Schedule the day's dishes to be washed while you're sleeping, and then wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. All with one simple command.

Explore smart appliances
A woman stands outside, using her smart phone to activate a routine in her smart home while she’s gone.
Hey Google, clean the kitchen*
OK, cleaning the kitchen

Intuitive control of your smart home devices.

Control individual smart devices, entire rooms, or your whole home seamlessly from anywhere. Just talk, touch, or tap.

A smart speaker sits on top of a stack of books on a wooden table.


Just say “Hey Google” for hands-free help.

A smart display sits on a wooden table. The screen shows Google Maps and the estimated time it will take to get work.


Touch your smart display to control devices or start Routines.

A smart phone sits on a white table. The Google Home is open, showing multiple smart devices.


Manage devices while you’re away from home using the Google Home or Google Assistant app.


A home that knows what to do for you.

Get multiple tasks done automatically with Routines. Set up and schedule a Routine to start anytime, so you have fewer daily chores to remember. Just say, “Hey Google, good morning,” and Google Assistant can turn on the lights, tell you about the weather, play music or news, and more. Plus, you can even create Routines that start automatically when you arrive or leave home.

A smart phone shows the Assistant Routines screen. The smart phone is next to an image of a man entering his home through a door.
I'm home

This routine will

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
A smart phone shows the Assistant Routines screen. The smart phone is next to an image of a man entering his home through a door.

Get the most out of your smart home with Google.

  • Using your Google Smart Home

    Set up Routines for when you're at home or away

  • How to set up your smart lights

    Set up your Vizio TV

    Set up your WeMo smart plug

    Set up Philips Hue smart bulbs

    Set up GE smart bulbs

    Set up your Xbox One

  • Get help in your bedroom

    Get help in your kitchen

    Get help in your living room

  • Link select smart devices easily with Seamless Setup

    Set up Routines for when you’re at home or away