Get help while you watch

Plan your day

With your permission, get help with things like your daily brief, your flight information, or your commute to work. Check on the latest weather and traffic in your area.

Will it rain later?
There’s 50% chance of precipitation today
What about tomorrow?
No it won’t rain. It will be partly cloudy

Discover content

Find your favorite shows and movies, and discover new ones. Search by genre, year, or actor.

Show me some popular action movies from 2016
Sure, here you are

Play content

Play your favorite shows and movies and control your media with just your voice.

Play Stranger Things on Netflix
Ok, playing Stranger Things on Netflix
Turn up the volume
Sure, turning up the volume

Control your home

Use your voice to control your connected smart home devices. Adjust the temperature, lighting, and more.

Dim the lights in the living room
Sure, dimming living room lights
Turn down the temperature
Okay, turning down temperature

Find TVs with the Google Assistant

More things Google Assistant can do

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