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Get answers

Get real-time answers, including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, or sports. Find out what movies are playing, or check your flight status. 1

A bedside table with a lamp, a vase and smart clock with Hey google app
What's the weather?
Currently in Toronto it's 10° and sunny
What's on my calendar?
There's 1 entry today. At 10:00 AM, you have 'Yoga with Adriana'

Manage tasks

Check your agenda, set a reminder, or add to your shopping list.

A shelf with some books and a Smart camera with Hey Google app
Add baby wipes to my shopping list
Ok, I've added baby wipes to your shopping list
Remind me to do laundry tonight at 6 PM
Ok, I'll remind you at 6 PM

Control your home

Use your voice to control your smart home devices. Play your favorite media on Cast enabled devices. Adjust the temperature, lighting, and more.1

A man entering his home through a door assisted by Hey Google
Show my backyard
Sure, streaming the backyard
Set my security system to away
You’ve got 5 minutes and 12 seconds to go

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