Get help on the go

Plan your day

With your permission, get help with things like your daily brief, the traffic to work and the latest news to be ready to start your day.

What’s on my agenda for today?
Today at 10AM, client meeting, at 1PM, lunch with Anand and 6PM Rohit’s basketball lesson
Read my messages
You have a text from Anand: "Looking forward to the Lunch!"

Manage tasks

Read and reply to your messages, call your contacts and complete tasks, such as adding an item to your shopping list or setting reminders.

Hey Google, remind me to buy milk at 7 PM

Enjoy Entertainment

Play your songs, playlists, radio stations, and podcasts with just your voice.

Play jazz music
Ok, asking to play Jazz
Next song

Get Answers

Get answers on the things relevant for you when you drive, such as opening hours for shops and restaurants nearby. You can also get answers for the things you love, such as sports and entertainment.

Is Bread and Butter open?
Bread and Butter is open right now, and closes at 5pm
How long will it take to go there?
On your way, there’s lighter traffic than usual. The route via MG Road is still the fastest. It’s 15 minutes by car

More things Google Assistant can do

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