Get help on the go

Manage tasks

Track your run, set a timer, or add things to your shopping list - just ask Google.

Start my run
OK, starting run
Add almond milk and bread to my shopping list
OK, I added those 2 things

Get answers

Get answers to things like the latest on weather, traffic, local businesses, and more.

When is the sunset today?
Here to help. 6:59 PM. Sunset in Sector 15, Gurugram
What time is it in Hong Kong?
Here to help — 12:48 PM

Plan your day

Ask Google how long it will take to get to work, when your next appointment starts, or to set an alarm or timer to stay productive.

When is my next appointment?
Your next appointment is at 4.30 p.m
How long will it take to drive to central park?
It will take 23 min

More things Google Assistant can do

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