A father plays a game with his child.
A person stands at their bike, clipping a helmet to their head. Their phone is clipped to the handlebars.

Get more done at home with Google

Enjoy music and entertainment, manage schedules and tasks, and communicate with others around your house when you use a Google home device with your phone.

Enjoy Entertainment

Keep listening
from room to room

Easily sync your music across devices
or transfer your entertainment from one
phone or speaker to another.

Hey Google, resume my podcast
A person is placing a water bottle into their backpack.


Take on everyday
tasks with ease

See your schedule, get reminded of your
to-do’s, and know the forecast all with a
single command.

Hey Google, what’s my schedule today?
A woman eats breakfast with a cat in her lap while looking at her smart display.


Say it once,
send it to all

Reach your family from room to room or while
you’re out and about through Broadcast.

Hey Google, broadcast “It’s dinnertime”
A man places a hot, fresh casserole dish on the table where his daughter is doing her homework.


Find answers as
quickly as you ask

Ask Google to convert measurements and calculations, learn what’s happening around the world, or satisfy a curiosity.

Hey Google, how many ounces are in a cup?
A woman sits at her table kneading dough while watching a YouTube video on her smart display.