A father plays a game with his child
A person stands at their bike, clipping a helmet to their head. Their phone is clipped to the handlebars.

More everyday help at a glance

Get the Google help you love on your phone hands-free at home with a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max. Play music and watch videos, communicate with broadcasts and assigned reminders, keep in touch, and more.


Continue your
entertainment anywhere

Move your music across devices or
watch your favorite videos right on your
display in no time.

Hey Google, play a video on YouTube
A woman sits at her couch, drawing on a piece of paper while she plays a YouTube video on her smart display.


Take on everyday
tasks with ease

Never forget garbage day by assigning
reminders to your family members
with just a few words.

Hey Google, remind Greg to take out the trash
A man is cleaning his kitchen counter.


Say it once,
send it to all

Reach your family while you’re out and
about by broadcasting a message from
your phone to your display.

Hey Google, broadcast “It’s dinnertime”
A man takes a casserole dish out of the oven while his daughter does her homework.


See your loved
ones, near or far

Stay in touch with your family and
friends with easy, hands-free video
calling on your Nest Hub Max.

Hey Google, video call Steve
A girl blows out her birthday candles while her family watches from her smart display.