Starfish Drive
Mikk London
This action can play all your songs from Google Drive account. Google drive is a cloud storage provided by Google for free in most cases. You can store all your personal music in Google drive and we can play it through Starfish Drive. Starfish is not endorsed by Google and we are independent developer just using their public api. Please note that Starfish is a subscription platform and we charge a nominal fee for accounts to access Starfish services. Process of using this skill: 1. Get a starfish account here 2. You need to have Google account and music stored in cloud in. We cannot play songs stored on your phone or PC. 3. Subscribe to Starfish services if you do not have a subscription already. You can subscribe after you login to our website. There is a 24 hour trial period available for trying out our services. 4. Link your account Google drive account to Starfish Account. You can link in Starfish Drive area on Starfish's website. 5. Link your account with Google actions. 6. You can play all your songs by using the first example phrase. 7. You can play individual folders by calling out folder names. 8. You can also create playlist on our website or mobile app and callout playlists to play through Google Home
Indian Cricket Quiz
Indian Cricket Trivia lets you take the quiz on Indian cricket facts.
Scrum Pills
Scrum Pills allows you to have all Scrum items in one place - your pocket. It will let you know how to Scrum and be more productive with this framework!
Filmy Catalog
Rahul Singh
Filmycatalog app will help you to test your knowledge.
Physics Buddy
Riti Garg
This app assists school students with their physics questions and problems. Currently it supports calculations of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy
ViTaL OrGaNs
Sharon varughese
ViTaL OrGaNs is an app which ask question based on human body parts.First when you enter,four questions are asked and in that two or three choices are given in which two of them will be wrong answer and one will be the right answer.This app contains information about vital organs of human beings,what are the controls on certain organs in our body and there are also some fun facts about human body can access ViTaL OrGaNs by pronouncing "Talk to vital organs".
Tesla Trivia
Bromarks LLC
Tesla Trivia is an app that all Tesla lovers must have! Tesla Trivia will have frequent updates to keep you up with all your Tesla knowledge.
The Animated Buff
Think you have seen a lot any animated movies, let's focus on only Hollywood for the moment. So check out your score and claim the title of being the animated buff!
The Intelligent Quiz
Anshul Lahoti
It is a IQ calculating app in which we organise a quiz which calculates the IQ. This also a Game and fun app that told you that how much you good in GK.
Thrones Trivia
Prasoon Gupta
Thrones Trivia is based on Game Of Thrones
Fact - Real or Fake?
Divya Agarwal
Fact - Real Or Fake? is a game that asks you 5 facts and you have to tell if it is real or fake. Let's see how many correct answers you get!
Science Quiz Master
Science Quiz Master is an app which tests you by asking you simple questions based on general Science. Try getting all the answers correct and increase your knowledge.
Doraemon Quiz
Divyansh Agarwal
Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise. The story revolves around a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi.
Digital Converter
Converts one number form to another. Supported types are - Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, BCD, Excess-3, 1s,2s,9s and 10s complement. It also support conversion of base n to base m, where n and m are less then or equals to 16.
Bus Uncle
Bus Uncle Company (Pte. Ltd.)
Bus Uncle tells you about your public bus arrival timings and directions for anywhere you want to go in Singapore. With his grumpy attitude, snarky personality, and commendable command of the Singlish language, he will entertain you non-stop and provide value for wherever you are, and wherever you want to go.
ASMR Sounds
Fresh Digital Group
Our autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) provides a range of sounds that stimulate your mind and body. Let our ASMR take you to another dimension! Navigate through the sounds Google Assistant provides by saying "Next". You can now choose what sounds you would like to hear by saying, "Ok Google, ask ASMR Sounds to play 'Wind'." Available sounds include: iPhone tapping, air pump, Alka-Seltzer, almonds in a box, aluminum foil rattling, boat water, bottle spritz, box, brush fan, brush flicking, chip bag, coins, crunching, crickets, cutting paper, fan, finger fluttering, flipping through notebook, flipping through Post-its, keys, lighter, lipstick, magazine, marker, marker cap, Mentos box, paper clips, pen roll, pouring water, sanding wood, scratching head, spray, stream of water, tape, tapping plastic, tapping, tapping plastic, tick tock, typing, underlining marker, wind.
Milind Purswani
CISSP Quiz is an app, which allows you to test your knowledge with a few questions. It is an interactive application which is based on actions on google.
Quick rhymes
Common Philosophy
Quick rhymes let you check rhymes quickly.
LK Patel
Kishan Patel
LK PATEL offers a wide selection of high-quality marble and tile products, exclusive designs, expert staff and amazing customer service.
Who is in space
Mikolaj Torz
This app will help you find out more about the astronauts who are currently in space.
Divyansh Saying Yes and No
Divyansh Agarwal
Divyansh Saying Yes and No lets you help to play an amazing quiz of Yes and No with many questions of different types.
Weed Strains
Simply ask Weed strains about your favourite strain or one you might be interested in learning about! Weed Strains will tell you: - The race of the strain - Flavours of the strain - Postive effects - Negative effects - Medical symptoms the strain may help alleviate Plus we are always working hard to bring you more marijuana strains and information! DISCLAIMER: Medical information disclosed by Weed Strains is not an adequate substitute for legal advice from a professional.
Tech School
Tech School is a flash card game which will let your knowledge be sharp, by asking you the latest and oldest questions of Technology field and will also make you updated with the latest technology field Questions and Answers.
Easter Games
Fresh Digital Group
It’s Easter fun for the whole family! Every day, you’ll be greeted with a joke. Then you can play Easter trivia or listen to fun facts. If you have a Google Assistant device with a screen, you can decorate your own Easter Egg by picking your Easter color and patterns. Enjoy and Happy Easter!
Brain Hub
Gulshan Kumar
This app will help you to learn general knowledge. You will enter the world of wisdom by seeing the questions of quiz. My app have a variety of questions. It includes both multiple choice and true/false questions.
Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller
With the Skydrop Action on Google, you can manage your Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller and get the current watering status. You can start and stop watering for specific zones as well as get the watering schedule/forecast. A Skydrop Controller and Skydrop account are required to use this skill.
The SEO trivia of my favorite Digital Marketing Agency
Put your knowledge of SEO and Universem to test by trying to answer correctly to as many questions as possible.
Know your Numbers
Nathan Kong
his application is a trivia for children and their families to learn more about numbers. It tests them on learning the numbering order. Example question: What number comes after 1? What number is less than 483?
Super Hyper Special Miracle My Favorite TRIVIA
it's my favorite trivia
Holiday Chill
Sang Min Shin
The holidays are stressful. With this Google Assistant app, Jack Frost is here to spread some holiday chill. Zen-out with a Jack Frost guided meditation session or relax with the sounds of winter and have a happy, healthy holiday.
Name that Animal
Nathan Kong
This is a trivia for children and their families. This app plays animal sounds and the user guesses what animal makes that sound.
Virtual Keypad
Digital Monitoring Products
With Virtual Keypad, you can ask Google to arm your DMP connected security system.
My Smart Abby
Rehash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
This is an app built for being your personal assistant to perform many tasks. This app current helps in requesting for repair/service for carrier, IFB, V-GUARD AND PANASONIC in INDIA. We are coming soon with many new features like renew or buy extended warranty, AMC and Insurance. You can resell or recycle your products, Buy Tickets, Food Delivery, and Banking.
Cricket Rapid Fire
This action will keep on asking you questions on cricket. Every question will have 3 options from which you have to choose one. Enjoy!
Legal Newswire
Legal Newswire
Legal Newswire POWERED BY LAW.COM is the law industry press release distribution channel produced and iCrowdNewswire designed to deliver law industry news on Virtual Digital Assistants and audio devices. News releases are issued by corporate clients.
Calculate my body mass
Calculate my body mass is an application that calculate the body mass index of people. You just have to say "Ok Google, Talk to Calculate my body mass" and then the assistant ask you some datas.
Word Building
Nyros Technologies
Word Building is developed to increase usage and building of English words
Super Bowl Quiz
Let's Talk Fantasy Football
If you love football and the NFL, it's time to test your Super Bowl knowledge. Come see if you're truly an NFL and Super Bowl expert.
MTG Wizard
James Naylor
MTG Wizard lets you find Magic The Gathering card details, images and prices
All about space
Inquisitive world
This app tests one's knowledge about the space.