Keep in touch
Read my messages
You have a text from Anne “What time is dinner tonight?”

Keep in touch

Call, send a message, listen to notifications while you're driving, all with your voice.

Enjoy entertainment
Play jazz music
Ok, asking to play Jazz
Next song

Enjoy entertainment

Play your songs, playlists, radio stations and podcasts with just your voice.

Get Answers
Remind me to call John to arrange dinner plans
When do you want to be reminded? Say a time, or location
Sure, reminder saved

Manage tasks

Get things done in the moment and set reminders for things to do later. Order coffee or find a parking spot on the go, or add an item to your shopping list to pick up on your way home.1

Plan your day
What's on my agenda for today?
Today at 10 AM, client meeting, at 1 PM, lunch with Tracy, and at 6 PM, Claire's basketball's game
Read my messages
You have a text from Claire: “Looking forward to the game tonight!”

Plan your day

Get help with things like your schedule or the latest weather, so you're ready for the day.

More things your Google Assistant can do

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