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Manage tasks
Remember I parked on floor 1, spot 345 of the parking garage
Ok, I’ll remember that
Where did I park?
You parked on floor 1, spot 345 of the parking garage

Manage tasks

Send a text, set reminders, turn on battery saver and instantly look up emails.

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What's my confirmation number for my flight to Philadelphia?
The confirmation number for that flight is P9YKKZ
How do I get to SFO by public transit?
From Embarcadero Station, take Antioch - SFO/Millbrae towards San Francisco International Airport departing in 5 minutes

Plan your day

Check your flight status, make a dinner reservation, check when your movie starts, and find a coffee stop along your route.

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Play the T.G.I.F. station on YouTube Music
Playing music
An example of a YouTube Music listing on a mobile phone

Enjoy entertainment

Control music on YouTube Music. You can also pick up where you left off on your favorite podcasts with your Assistant on Google Home.2

Two images of San Fransisco's skyline
Show my pictures of skylines in San Francisco
Let’s check your Google Photos
Two images of San Fransisco's skyline

Make memories

Your Assistant makes it incredibly simple to find your photos — and to take them as well.

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How do you say one coffee please in Spanish?
Un café por favor
How many dollars is 3 euros?
Three euros is about $3.18 dollars

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Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, or sports. Quickly find translations while you’re traveling.

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Is the kitchen light on?
The lights are off in the kitchen
Turn the temperature down
Alright, turning the temperature down

Control your home

Use your phone to control your smart home devices. Adjust the temperature, lighting, and more, even when you’re not home.3

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