My Morning Prayer
David E Quiel
Although my Lord has taught me to pray daily, I sometimes find myself needing a “jump start”, especially in the morning. I have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings, so much of God’s love and so much of God’s encouragement that I can easily become overwhelmed. That’s why I turn to my Lord and Savior. I am excited to begin my day (and ending my day) knowing that God is with me in this 2 minute prayer. This Christian prayer has 6 petitions: Gratitude, Blessings and Forgiveness, My Heart, Your Will, Salvation and Family Values
test Psychology
nisarg mehta
A psychological test is an instrument designed to measure unobserved constructs, also known as latent variables. Psychological tests are typically, but not necessarily, a series of tasks or problems that the respondent has to solve. Psychological tests can strongly resemble questionnaires, which are also designed to measure unobserved constructs, but differ in that psychological tests ask for a respondent's maximum performance whereas a questionnaire asks for the respondent's typical performance.
Tough Bollywood Quiz
Bollywood quiz to test your true bollywood skills
Dr. Angelina lets you know abut your personality
Fantasy Class Personality Quiz
Fantasy Class Personality Quiz lets you figure out which classic fantasy role-playing character class you are. Are you a Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, or Bard? Find out!
Women in Science
Christine Kingsley
The Women in Science Personality Quiz will match your personality with one of 7 famous Women in Science! After you get your results, feel free to Google that Scientist to learn more about her! Maybe YOU will be the next inventor of a helpful device or a creator of a technique that can save lives!
Play with Captials
Kanchana Patlolla
Questions countries and lets user identify the capitals
Biology Trivia
Xavier Jones
Play this trivia game to ensure you get a 100 on the new vocab quiz
Food Ideas
Ask your assistant what to eat today, and it will randomly choose a dish!
Groups of Animals
Is a group of eagles a flock or a convocation? Are multiples hyenas a laugh or a cackle? What the heck is a teal, and would would you call a group of them? Discover all this and more with the Groups of Animals quiz!
Bible Verses
This action allows you to strengthen your faith by giving you a random bible verse both whenever and wherever you want to improve your connection with the lord. By talking to the action you will be able to get a random bible verse from any of the books of the bible.
Renewate Interior
Renewate helps you ideate, estimate and create all your renovation, remodelling and design requirements. For homes & apartments, offices, showrooms or shops. Through simple and easy steps know what it takes to do your renovation including material and design choices, cost estimates and comparisons. All with the comfort of using it on your phone or computer. Just ask us anything. Powered by AR and AI
Earth, Space and Ocean Trivia
Fun way to learn/know more about earth, space and Ocean.
lopez's life
Any one can use this app to make a casual conversation with lopez, who is an AI. There are many people who feel themselves to be lonely. For those people this app will be a big relief.
Are You Serious
A personality test like no other. Are you serious? Smart? A realist? Have fun and find out!
Funny Riddles
Funny Riddles asks you some intriguing riddles and waits for you to respond. Find out if you are up to a challenge! Each riddle will put a smile on your face. Play this with your family so see who gets it the most.
Capitals of United States
Kanchana Patlolla
Capitals in United States, Gives states and looks for capital cities as the answer
Personal Qbook
Webhook is used to call quickbook api and fetch the customer details.
RSM Marketing
RSM Marketing
Learn about RSM Marketing, find information about our Outsourced Marketing Department (OMD), and learn about our MarTech options.
Skip days
Teddy Jinsong Hwang
Skip days tells you what skips that day in Rumsey Hall. Simply ask, talk to skipdays about what skips on a (day).
Jordan Sheldrick
Generate trillions of wacky, fun and silly combinations for your kids to draw! Get their imaginations fired up as they find inspiration for their art, or as a starting point for creating fantastic characters and magical worlds. Try drawing a Queen cat, riding in a flying car... or a strong princess holding a strange crystal... or how about a beautiful dinosaur playing soccer in outer space?
Subtract Flashcards
Practice and learn simple subtraction for numbers 1 through 10. Just say "Ok Google, talk to Subtract Flashcards" to get started.
Capitals of Indian States
Kanchana Patlolla
Play games with capitals of indian states. Questions with the State and expects capital as the answer
All About Windows
Zerric Dotcom
Flashcard Card about Windows 10 OS.
Movie Quote Quiz
Movie Quote Quiz will test your knowledge on some of Hollywood's most famous movie quotes. How well do you know your movies?
Rick Roll
Matthew Gillen
Rick Roll friends and family from your Google Assistant !
The LaCroix Quiz
A series of questions helps the Google Assitant match your personality to a specific flavor of our favorite sparkling drink.
The UAC Expert
The UAC Expert will help you improve your UAC campaigns!
Clubbing Station
Clubbing Station
Listen to Clubbing Station radio live and get info about our DJs set, radio shows and podcasts.
Ashwini B S
WhatIsMyPersonality helps you take a quiz on your personality. It provides a set of six questions in order to determine your personality. It gives a customized result at the end of the six questions.
Richard Su
CS TIP is a simple quiz that asks questions about computer science concepts that frequently appear in technical interviews. Topics include big O, data structure methods, sorting algorithms, and more!
GCSE Higher Chemistry Tutor
Hoolr Tutors- GCSE Higher Chemistry Tutor helps you prepare for Edexcel Foundation Higher at GCSE. This app will quiz you in 4 multiple choice questions from the Edexcel GCSE Chemistry course.
Bin Collection Expert
Bin collection expert can tell you what type of bin is being collected next.
Puzzle Solver
In Puzzle, the solver is expected to put pieces together in a logical way, in order to arrive at the correct solution of the puzzle
Web Framework Personality Quiz
Find out which web framework most resembles your personality!
Emergency Alarm
Frontier Networks
Emergency Alarm application demonstrates to users a simpler way to trigger an alarm for medical assistance. This demonstration version of the app will respond with a notification that a call has been placed. A future version of this app will integrate with the Frontier Networks medical alarm service, including sending a notification to the selected medical contacts in your list, and triggering a contact to call back into the Frontier Networks medical device in your home.
Harshinee Sriram
HTMLearn is a playful contraction of the words HTML Learn, and it does just that! Here, you get to learn the building blocks of an HTML file and kickstart your learning path to Front-End Web Development.
Learn Trigonometry!
Vikrant Nanda
Flash card style application where a friendly assistant asks you questions about basic trigonometry along with some available hints. Sharpen your basic trigonometry skills with Learn Trigonometry!
Try Your Maths!
Try Your Maths!
Try Your Maths! lets you try your maths skills with fun riddles. Try Your Maths now!
Quizzer Quiz
Quizzy checks your personality