Menu Bot
Jacob Danovitch
The Caf tells you what's currently at Carleton's caf
Random Dad Joke
Random Dad Joke can tell you a random dad joke
Fortnite Dropper
Darshan Bhatta
Don't sit there wondering with where you should drop. Let Google Assistant tell you where to drop! Just ask the Fortnite dropper where to drop.
Wales Facts
Ben Thomas
Wales Facts is a simple assistant action to give you quick facts about Wales.
Bro Jokes
Bro Jokes App gives you best joke on the internet
Laser Shork
I made this app to teach myself how to make Apps for the assistant in hopes of teaching my friends. This is an app that does nothing except to inspire people with an inside joke. Enjoy!
Google Inc.
Hear the local weather and upcoming forecast for any location, just ask your Assistant.
Smart city of Aragon
Smart Huesca lets you: - Discover events and news in real-time. - Search and get info about places such as parks, restaurants, shops... - Get waiting times for a bus stop or call a taxi. - And more...
Where is Star man?
Steven Elliott
I will tell you how far Elon Musk's 2008 Tesla Roadster is from Earth. It was launched on the Falcon Heavy in February of 2018
Common Sense
Matt Goodrich
Each day, players have the chance to answer the same three questions. They begin by answering a question with their personal opinion. Then, they predict the opinion of the majority of the other players. Points earned are based on how many other players personally answered in the same way as this prediction. Answers are hidden until midnight Mountain Standard Time. At midnight, all scores are calculated. Results for questions can be heard the day after they are asked. Players accumulate points throughout the week, until winners are declared at midnight between Saturday and Sunday.
Google Inc.
Set and manage alarms for waking up, medicine, and much more with just your voice. You can also set timers for cooking, games, laundry, and any other activity.
Potato Test
the potato testers
when you say talk to potato test it will say potato back
Google Maps
Google Inc.
Navigate to places and get real-time traffic updates.
Winston Churchill Quotes
Roger Thomas
Bring some of the most powerful quotes into your assistant by asking to "talk to Winston Churchill".
Virtual Veek
Veekas Shrivastava
Seriously, it's just reasons why Veekas loves Erin.
Michael Saying No
This action is the perfect way to say no to somebody, by having Michael Scott from the office do it for you. Call upon it whenever you need to get the point across that the answer is no. *This is action is in no way affiliated with the office nor its recording studio.
Rhyme Checker
Rhyme Checker is the #1 app for searching rhyme words. It uses regularly updated API's to make your experience as amazing as possible. Warning: this app does contain mature content
Dog Jokes
Dog Jokes is a great way to hear some of the best dog jokes around. We've fetched the best ones so you don't need to chase them down yourself.
Fun Tricks
Google Inc.
Lighten up your day with jokes and other fun tricks. Check them out, there's always something new to try.
Punish Party
This app will give you a punish game. And you have to do what this APP required. ※Developer who own this app will not accept any responsibility for any loss resulting.
A 'personality test' is a method of assessing human personality constructs. Most personality assessment instruments (despite being loosely referred to as 'personality tests') are in fact introspective (ie. subjective) self-report questionnaire (Q-data) measures or reports of others (L-data) such as rating scales. Attempts to construct actual performance tests of personality have been very limited even though Raymond Cattell with his colleague Frank Warburton compiled a list of over separate 2000 objective test that could be used in constructing objective personality tests.
Smart Dictionary
Build your vocabulary with smart definitions, finely tuned to make whatever word you look up easy to understand. Definitions are from All credit goes to for these excellent definitions. The developer does not claim ownership of the definitions.
Chat with your Assistant
Google Inc.
Chat with your Assistant to learn more about what it likes and how it thinks.
Harry Potter trivia
My company
Harry potter trivia lets you play trivia about harry potter and related characters and events
Google Inc.
Call your contacts, businesses or any phone number using your Assistant.
Bible Verse of the Day
Peter Friese
This app shows the verse of the day from the Bible and reads it out to you. Bible translation: THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. The verse of the day is served via
Google Inc.
Get definitions and origins of different words.
My Morning Prayer
David E Quiel
Although my Lord has taught me to pray daily, I sometimes find myself needing a “jump start”, especially in the morning. I have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings, so much of God’s love and so much of God’s encouragement that I can easily become overwhelmed. That’s why I turn to my Lord and Savior. I am excited to begin my day (and ending my day) knowing that God is with me in this 2 minute prayer. This Christian prayer has 6 petitions: Gratitude, Blessings and Forgiveness, My Heart, Your Will, Salvation and Family Values
Jordan Sheldrick
Generate trillions of wacky, fun and silly combinations for your kids to draw! Get their imaginations fired up as they find inspiration for their art, or as a starting point for creating fantastic characters and magical worlds. Try drawing a Queen cat, riding in a flying car... or a strong princess holding a strange crystal... or how about a beautiful dinosaur playing soccer in outer space?
Global Media Outreach
Connect with God’s word and be encouraged by listening to GodLife’s devotional of the day and Bible verse of the day. God loves you! Ready to start your new life with God? Come back to the GodLife skill every day to learn about God’s view on important topics like: ● Grace ● Love ● Joy ● Money ● Depression ● Prayer …and more!
36 Questions
Thomas Günther
36 questions gives you topics for deep conversations with peers, friends, family and other loved ones to improve your closeness. The questions are based on the paper The Expermimantal Generation of Interpersonal closeness: A Procedure and some Preliminary findings by Arthur Aron et al.
Am I an engineer
Felt confused over which type of engineer are you? Or maybe, am I fit to be an engineer?
Unofficial Overwatch Hero Decider
The Unofficial Overwatch Hero Decider will let you use voice commands like "decide", or "who should I play" or even commands such as "which character should I choose" to randomly select one of the Overwatch heroes. Useful if you are deciding which hero you'd like to try in Overwatch. No copyright infringement intended.
Superhero Quiz
Martin Jäger
Are you a Marvel and DC fan? Test your knowledge with the Superhero Quiz
Harry Potter Jokes
Harry Potter Jokes tells the best jokes related to Harry Potter
Open apps and websites
Google Inc.
Open your favorite apps and websites by voice.
Feel Insulted
Agent Smith's Notorious Company
Are you a loser desperately seeking attention? Do you want to be told that you are a loser, and feel the need to be insulted? Look no further - this app will fulfil your need!
Find a UPS Store location, get a shipping quote, or discover some fun facts about UPS with the UPS Chatbot. Log into your UPS My Choice® account for a more accurate and personalized experience. Once your account is linked, you can automatically track packages without your tracking number. Not a UPS My Choice® member? Visit to get started—it’s a free and easy way to track your deliveries. Stay tuned for more UPS Chatbot capabilities coming soon.
Bridge Guard
Ryan Sjoquist
Cross a bridge easily. Say talk to the bridge guard to see if you can cross.
Restaurant Recommendations
Google Inc.
Get restaurant recommendations from your Assistant.