My Crypto Wallet
Matt Calhoun
My Crytpo Wallet enables you to easily check the balances of Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, as well as current exchange rates of both cryptocurrencies. Any number of public addresses can be tracked, including offline and hardware wallet 'watch' addresses. In addition to letting you know balances in Bitcoin or Eth, you are also given the USD (or other selected currency) equivalent, based on current exchange rates. You have the option of adding a 4 digit PIN that must be spoken before your balances are given. If you decide to track balances of public Bitcoin / Ethereum addresses, you'll want to have your public addresses handy at setup time, so you can paste them in easily. The balance information for public addresses is acquired from public blockchains.
My Gold Wallet
Matt Calhoun
With My Gold Wallet you can easily get the current prices for gold, silver, or platinum. You can also track your precious metals holdings, and get the current USD value of your holdings. Holdings are separated into 'wallets', which you can divide up however makes sense for you. For example, one wallet can have the total ounces worth of Eagles, while another can have the total ounces of Maples. Or, you could have one wallet containing the total ounces of your gold holdings, and another containing the total ounces of your silver holdings. You may optionally add a PIN while linking your account for additional privacy, and this PIN would be required any time you ask My Gold Wallet for balance information.
account easy
Account easy is a experimental services to provide access to balance , bank statement and lock or unlock card.
United Airlines
United is now on Google Assistant! With United on Google Assistant, you’re now able to “talk to United” to get your flight status and amenities, check your MileagePlus account balance and last activity — and best of all, you can have the Google Assistant check you in for your United flight if it’s within the U.S. Your voice and the simple command “Hey Google, talk to United” kicks it all off. Once you say, “Hey Google, talk to United”, you can ask any of the following: “What’s the status of Flight 959?” “When is Flight 959?” “Does Flight 869 have Wi-Fi?” “Does Flight 869 have power outlets?” To have the Google Assistant check you in for your domestic flight, check the status of your booked flight, or check your MileagePlus account information, you’ll need to link Google Assistant to your MileagePlus account. Click the “enable” button on the United skill, sign in to your MileagePlus account, and grant access. Note: Flight check-in is only available 24 hours prior to departure. The Google Assistant can't perform check-in until that time. You can say any of the following: “Check the status of my flight.” “What is the status of my flight?” “What time is my flight?” “Check me in.” “Check me in for my flight.” “What’s my MileagePlus balance?” “What’s my last MileagePlus activity?”
AJ Bell
Customers of AJ Bell Youinvest can ask for account information after securely linking their account. Anyone can ask for a share price from the London Stock Exchange using a company name or ticker symbol, e.g. Vodafone or V O D
Discover a new way to connect with ComEd through Google Home. ComEd customers can use this skill to check their balance due, report outages and get outage status updates! Once you’ve connected, say “Ok Google, I want to speak to ComEd.” To check your balance: * “What is my current balance?” * “How much do I owe?” To report a power outage: * “My power is out.” * “I have an outage.” * “I need to report a power outage.” To check the status of an outage: * “When will my power be restored?” * “What is the status of my outage?” To get started, simply enable the skill and start asking Google Home for assistance. For more information about the ComEd skill, please visit
Mercantile - Bank of Michigan
MercMoney from Mercantile Bank of Michigan is a free virtual financial assistant available any time of the day. Ask about specific financial accounts, recent transactions, upcoming expenses, check investments, pay bills, and much more. With MercMoney, you can aggregate and manage all financial accounts in one, easily accessible place.
Flextronics Private Limited
Want to know how energy independent your home is? How much energy your solar panels are generating or your home is using? Just ask! Your Google assistant can help you find more ways to save with your Flex PowerPlay solar system. To get started create a Flex PowerPlay account and link your solar system robots in the Flex PowerPlay App on your iOS or Android device. Then link your Flex PowerPlay account to your Google Assistant by logging in with your Email and Password.
Personal Qbook
Webhook is used to call quickbook api and fetch the customer details.
Stop the bickering over TV and computer use! ChronosBot is your family's screen time manager. It lets you set up a screen time allowance for each member of your household and then use Google Assistant or chat bots to withdraw time whenever it's used. You can say things like "Ok Google, tell ChronosBot to withdraw 20 minutes" or "Ok Google, ask ChronosBot for the balances". You can give rewards, pay for chores in screen time and charge penalties. There's even a "mystery bonus" for fun. To use ChronosBot: 1) Set up an account at for yourself. 2) Add your family members to the account on the dashboard and set up their allowance. 3) Ask Google Assistant to "open ChronosBot" - Assistant will tell you that you need to link the account via the card on the Google Assistant app. 4) Tap the card in the Google Assistant app and follow the instructions to link the account. 5) You should be set! You can now withdraw time, give credit for chores, and much more.
Bank Genie
check your account balance
Starfish Agent
Rai Integration Ltd
This action links up with Starfish business accounts. If you have free agent configured in Starfish Business section then you can get all your accounting information from free agent using voice channels. At this time we only allow information retrieval but soon you will be able to write and send invoices using all voice channels. If you don't already have a Starfish Business accounts and not familiar with Starfish actions then follow the process below to set up this skill: 1. Register for Starfish Business Account at 2. Login to and configure all services you need. For freeagent you will need to link your account with Freeagent account. 3. Link your action with Starfish business account.
UCB Bank
United Community Bank
Ask UCB for information about your United Community Bank account.
Vertifi Software
Vertifi Software
Vertifi Software Banking action lets you get your account balance information and allows you to calculate your monthly payments for loan producuts offered by Vertifi. This action requires account linking.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
DEWA customers can interact with DEWA Skill – AI personal assistant - to enquire about any topics related to DEWA such as: bill enquiry, conservation tips for electricity and water consumptions, details of DEWA happiness centers, payment channels, and much more..
Eastern Corporate fcu
Vertifi Software
Eastern Corporate action lets you get your account balance information and allows you to calculate your monthly payments for loan producuts offered by EasCorp. This skill requires account linking.