Mortgage Helper
Starbutter AI
DESCRIPTION Morgan is your Mortgage Helper. He helps you figure out home loans and mortgages quickly and avoid traps, bad companies, and fees. He also answers any questions about what you can afford and will be your mortgage calculator. Morgan is a financial expert and prefers simple and low-cost financial products from the most trusted and highest-rated companies. His recommendations come after researching Consumer Reports, FDIC mortgage bank rankings, and CFPB reports. He has talked to many mortgage brokers to get you the best expert advice. Morgan has multiple mortgage calculators to help you figure out monthly payments, how much you should put down, and affordability. EXAMPLES Ways you can talk to Mortgage Helper: "OK Google, Talk to Mortgage Helper" "OK Google, ask Mortgage Helper what size house I can get" "OK Google, ask Mortgage Helper what is the best place to get a mortgage" TECHNOLOGY Introducing Morgan - an interactive, conversational agent. Unlike dumb bots based on rules, Morgan has an sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning core. He learns and gets better over time, helping you navigate the difficult choice of mortgages and home loans. COMPANY Mortgage Helper is built by Starbutter AI, the world's expert on interactive conversational agents for credit cards, banks, mortgages, insurance, and personal finance.
Sell 4 Shore
This app helps connects you with a South Jersey Real Estate agent and assists you in buying or selling properties.
Real Estate Search
Voiceter Pro LLC
You can use this app to search for houses to buy or rent in your area. All you need to do is sign up and link your account to Voiceter Pro. You can also get in touch with a local real estate agent so that they can help sell your house! Once you have finished the search with Alexa check your email for a link to your results
Sulekha Properties Support
Sulekha Properties
Sulekha Properties Support helps you to find your dream home .
Euro Towers Eve
Euro Towers International Inc.
Euro Towers Agent allows prospective buyers to inquire available units on specific projects of ETII.
Voiceter Pro LLC
Looking for real estate for sale in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens or Brooklyn NY. All you need to do is enable MLS Li and you will have access to over 17,000 listings in Long Island, Queens , Brooklyn and Nassau & Suffolk Counties NY, i real time, allowing you to find your dream home and get all the detail of the home including multiple photos.. The Skill was brought too you by MLSLI with over 2,300 cooperating real estate offices Long Island Real Estate