WUFT provides news to residents in North Florida. You can talk to it to get the latest news update. For full coverage visit https://www.wuft.org
Island Echo
The Island Echo's Google Assistant companion app. Headlines straight from the Isle of Wight's only 24 hour breaking news source, delivering all the latest news and information from across the island. IslandEcho.co.uk for more details.
HK Mark Six
HK Mark Six bot is NOT by and / or any form associate to HKJC, the only and official lottery agency in Hong Kong, this is just a handy interface for getting the results and information.
Danish Games
Danske Spil
Welcome to Danish Games. You can use this Agent to communicate with Danish Games. Examples of usage can be to get the Lotto numbers or Euro Jackpot numbers from the latest draw.
Morning News
Morning news will give you headlines and details from different sources around the world
Jackson Locals
Jackson Locals
Jackson Locals provides current information for the Jackson Hole region.
Canadian News
Stackific Inc.
This is the first news app that lets you hear Canadian headlines distributed by Government of Canada. It can recognize your province of interest or major city and cater news relevant to the chosen province. You can listen to it in every imaginable natural dialog.
Share The Facts
Duke Reporters' Lab
Share the Facts allows you, the citizen, to ask the top fact checking journalists what's true and what's not. We compile some of the best researchers in the country into one place so that you can figure out what to believe and what to disregard.
The Arizona Daily Star
Get the weather in Tucson, latest news briefs from the Arizona Daily Star, and check the Tucson Classifieds.