Latest Trump Tweet
Listen to the latest @POTUS tweet. Check from time to time and see if you can keep up with the number of tweets posted in a day.
Trump approval rating
Based on the latest polling data from Reuters. Trump's approval rating will keep you up to date with Presiden't Trump latest approval rating.
Economist Espresso
The Economist
The Economist Espresso is a morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. It tells you what’s on the global agenda in the coming day, what to look out for in business, finance and politics and, most importantly, what to make of it. The Economist Espresso is published each weekday and Saturday morning.
CNN delivers the real-time news updates, breaking news stories, and election updates from CNN reporters and anchors across the globe. Ask this action for the latest news or for topic-specific updates on anything CNN is covering on its broadcast. You can say, “Ok Google, open CNN” to hear the latest stories CNN is covering. Or you can dive right in by saying things like: “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news”; “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Hillary Clinton”; or “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Donald Trump”. When you’re listening to a clip, you can say ”Ok Google, stop” to stop the clip. You can always hear the full list of stories CNN is covering by saying, “Ok Google, ask CNN for more stories” or move on to the next story on the current topic by saying “Ok Google, next”. Try saying things like: - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news." - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the top stories.” - "Ok Google, tell CNN to give me the news." - "Ok Google, tell CNN to list all stories." For more information, go to
Morning News
Morning news will give you headlines and details from different sources around the world
Election Result Nepal
Aawaz Gyawali
App that can bring all the results of the election held in Nepal. Local, Provincial and House of representative.
Ralph Northam
Stay up to date on the latest news from Ralph Northam. With this assistant you can... * Hear the latest Ralph Northam Facebook posts * Have any post texted to your phone A great way to keep informed using just your voice.
HMTV News brings you the latest news from india and the world. Get breaking news live for HMTV News studios and stay updated with today's big headlines on Business, Technology, Sports and Entertainment News around the globe.