My Crypto Wallet
Matt Calhoun
My Crytpo Wallet enables you to easily check the balances of Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, as well as current exchange rates of both cryptocurrencies. Any number of public addresses can be tracked, including offline and hardware wallet 'watch' addresses. In addition to letting you know balances in Bitcoin or Eth, you are also given the USD (or other selected currency) equivalent, based on current exchange rates. You have the option of adding a 4 digit PIN that must be spoken before your balances are given. If you decide to track balances of public Bitcoin / Ethereum addresses, you'll want to have your public addresses handy at setup time, so you can paste them in easily. The balance information for public addresses is acquired from public blockchains.
My Gold Wallet
Matt Calhoun
With My Gold Wallet you can easily get the current prices for gold, silver, or platinum. You can also track your precious metals holdings, and get the current USD value of your holdings. Holdings are separated into 'wallets', which you can divide up however makes sense for you. For example, one wallet can have the total ounces worth of Eagles, while another can have the total ounces of Maples. Or, you could have one wallet containing the total ounces of your gold holdings, and another containing the total ounces of your silver holdings. You may optionally add a PIN while linking your account for additional privacy, and this PIN would be required any time you ask My Gold Wallet for balance information.
Apmex Inc.
Ask what the current price of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Copper
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Product Hunt is a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and technology. With this action, you can find out about the latest, trending products on our platform!
Gordon Now
Gordon Food Service
Gordon Now is a new way of interacting with Gordon Food Service. Whether it’s through voice conversation or text, on a phone or with a Google Home device, we’re always at your table. We’ll continue expanding the things Gordon Now can do based your feedback. For now, feel free to experiment with actions like “where’s my truck” or “what are the latest the trends”. This is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to be your partner in the future of food.
Office Depot
Brandify Labs
The Office Depot app helps you find the best deals at your local Office Depot, get directions, and check the status of your online orders.
Autotrader Price My Car
Autotrader Price My Car lets you find out how much your car is worth
Every month 120+ million visitors use trivago to search and compare hotel prices, read reviews and browse photos. Find your ideal hotel deal on trivago.
offer buddy
Offer Buddy can recommend best fit offers to consumers based on their persona, intent and contextual needs. Enterprises can interact with consumers over natural voice using this intelligent voice interface, guiding them with right offers and actions to fulfill their needs. This is powered by Flytxt's digital customer engagement product NEON-dX, which uses analytics and AI to personalize conversations over this voice interface.
We Are Faer
Faer is the easiest and most fun way to discover sustainable fashion, simply tell Faer the clothing and styles you are looking for.
diamond price calculator
we take diamond parameter such as weight, color, clarity from user then find price and return diamond price.
Zcash Info
This app will provide you with updated information on zcash: * Current price * Market cap * Volume in the last 24h. and soon other interesting parameters.
super kids
Mobiport Inc
super kids lets you shop latest fashion products for kids. You can find interesting clothes and toys for your kids. What you need to use this app -A Super kids account After you've enabled the service, you just have to say "Ok Google, talk to super kids" and you can get started or try saying things like -Ok Google, ask super kids to search for <product name> -Ok Google, ask super kids to find <product name with filters> You can also say, "Ok Google, ask super kids for help" Note: This works only with Google Assistant on mobile as of now.
Browseluck Bilisim Ltd Sti
BrowseLuck is your assistant to keep track of the values on web pages. It can monitor various data such as price of a dress, bitcoin price or precipitation for tomorrow. Let's say you found a nice dress on the internet. You want to buy it but it's expensive at the moment. -Set a reminder by telling "new website" in your phone. -Copy & paste the URL address of the web page. -Enter the value you want to monitor. -To find out if any value has changed, tell "What's up" "New website" is not available in Google Home.
Denise Values
This POC application allows users to ask the Hagerty Valuation tools for the current value of a classic vehicle. Users query for Year, Make, Model, and the virtual assist will provide the value for the first record queried that matches that request. This is version 1.0 and does not currently have features to support a more specific sub-model or engine block lookup.
Crypto Researcher
The Crypto Researcher is here to help you understand the why behind each of your crypto investment. Daisy tracks over 1900+ currencies' background, features, and value propositions. Also, the coin's ICO white paper, algorithm, the number of coins mined, and total coin supplied. On the social media front, Daisy helps you better understand the trends. It tracks the number of Twitter followers, number of Reddit comments in a day, or number of active conversation on Facebook. On the development side, Daisy helps track number of active developers; when was the last time a codebase was updated; how many open issues are there; and, for newer ICO, the team dynamics. Daisy also tracks the coin's prices, volatility, Sharpe ratio, average drawdown period, average time to recovery from previous fall, their return skewness and fat tails, beta, risk premium, VaRs, cumulative returns, annualized return, return distribution, correlation with other coins, sensitivity to market sentiments, downside frequencies, and much more ... The AIDVP team has developed over 100+ performance models to help you find the best investment at your targeted risk level. Whether you are an aggressive investor or a risk-averse individual, we want to help you invest better and smarter using our AI-powered chatbot. If you like the bot, please share with friends.
Get scrap prices for Aluminium Metal
Mox Produx
Using real time CoinMarketCap data, you can find information about whatever cryptocurrencies you need the latest on. Featuring prices, market caps, percent change (deltas) and rankings! These currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar, NEO, IOTA, Monero, TRON, VeChain, OMG, NANO, and more.